What Does This Work at Home Dad Know about Building Your Mailing List & Getting Your Subscribers to Buy Your Stuff?

Craig Perrine

I recently had the honor of interviewing fellow work at home parent, Craig Perrine who is also known as the "List Profit Coach" and has helped countless people build and profit from their mailing lists. He  told me  the 3 important keys to list marketing and he allowed me to share them with you too.

  • Choosing the right market & understanding exactly what they want.

  • Building your list, even if your website is new and doesn't have a lot of traffic.

  • Balancing relationship building and selling for maximum response from you list.

  • Also find out his take on the blog vs. email debate. Is an email list redundant if you have blog -- or should you have both?

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Continue Your Education with Craig

Craig is the creator of an extensive List Profit Secrets course that takes you through all the steps you need to get started with list marketing; building your list and making sure you make money from you list -- no matter how large or small.

It's a 30-CD program that leave no stone unturned in your journey to list profits.

Click here for full information about Craig's List Profit Secrets course.


If you pick it up...let me know...I'd love to compare notes.

Alice Seba
Fellow Mom in Business
& Owner InternetBasedMoms.com