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John Reese of Marketing Secrets

John Reese

John Reese is a young marketing genius who has quietly been marketing online since prior to the birth of the Internet. He is a well-rounded marketer who has successfully exploited countless niches, been actively involved with eBay (in fact, he even profited $38,450.27 from one auction) and is an expert in traffic generation and conversion.

Even though he's been at it for years, it was only recently that he "broke his silence" and started to share his success secrets with other entrepreneurs. In March 2004, he held a sold-out , $4500 a pop seminar where he, as he refers to it, "spilled his guts" for 3 straight days. 

Most recently, he has made quite an impact on the Internet marketing community by selling $1,080,496.27 worth of product in one day.

Did you miss John's seminar? Yeah, me too...but that's okay because you can still learn what he taught there.

Was John Always This "Golden"?

Sure, John is an example of how hard work and perseverance pays off, but his success wasn't instant. He is very candid about his desire to become successful that eventually found him $100,000 in debt and with a host of health problems. But over the past several years, John worked hard to turn it around and has built up millions of dollars in online sales.

But What about the Criticism?

There's been a lot of talk about this John Reese guy over the past year. Most people praise him and tell you how he has changed their lives (keep reading!). Then there's a few -- really grumpy people who must have had their lunch money stolen when they were kids -- who feel they should spend their time criticizing successful people.

It really is a shame, when those of us with some sense understand that:

To be successful, you must surround yourself with successful people.

So, instead of embracing all that someone like John can teach, some people choose to criticize. But lucky for you and me, those critics missed out a lot. They missed what John has taught me to dramatically increase my online income...and he'll share those secrets with you, too.

Nope...I'm not a millionaire, but I will tell you this. My life took a drastic turn in 2004 and I had to make some big changes for me & my kids very quickly. We needed a new home, new everything. We were starting completely from scratch. I took some very key things I learned from John over the past few months and quickly applied them. I tell you, within 2 weeks, I had the cash I needed to start a new life with my precious little boys.

And once I knew what I was capable of, I duplicated this process over and over again in 2006. Now 2006 is destined to be a great year. :)

But I'm Not the Only One Who Owes Gratitude to John

I was so fortunate to have met John in person this October at the BigSeminar, where he was a speaker. Of course, I was thrilled to meet him in person and chat a bit, but the most moving thing was when a woman stood up to talk about John and how he helped her just a few short years ago...when nobody knew who he was.

She talked about how he gave her this incredible direction in her online business...and he asked for nothing in return. He even checked up on her a few times in the next little while. There couldn't have been a dry eye in the house when she said, "As a mother, I can tell you your mother must be very proud of you." --- I tell you, as a mother, I strive to send my 2 little boys down a path half as honorable as John.

Still, it's not just me and this sweet lady who can credit John with having an influence on their success. If you look around, you'll uncover more of these stories of how John has selflessly helped people. I am so grateful for mentors like John who share their "secrets" so we can cut our learning curves in such incredible ways.

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