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Thursday, October 04, 2007

Click Away Cancer

Popular site puts survivor stories on center stage

Basingstoke, Hamsphire, October 1, 2007 – With thousands of campaigns kicking off around the world to raise awareness for Breast Cancer this month, Internet Based Moms is ramping up the fundraising efforts it hosts year-round. The program that began four years ago consists of three components; the distribution of digital pink ribbons, the publishing of the personal stories of members who have battled breast cancer and by linking to businesses who donate a portion of proceeds to breast cancer research.

“As a site that markets directly to a powerful and growing segment of women, we felt that it was important to support a year round fundraising effort to eradicate this insidious disease that has affects us all,” explains Mila Sidman, owner of Internet Based Moms, a resource site for work at home mothers “Almost every woman has a personal breast cancer story whether it is their own or that of a friend or family member. Statistics show that those of us who have not been personally affected yet, eventually will.”

The premise of the Internet Based Moms campaign is the featured stories provide a personal connection to help encourage those who have yet to be personally affected by breast cancer to become involved. By keeping participation in the effort as easy as clicking a mouse, the hope is to draw more people to contribute to raising awareness and funds for the cause.

“Most women who have dealt with breast cancer are fully aware and actively fundraise for the cause. Our hope is that by putting together stories from survivors and those who have lost loved ones, that we will draw in those who might not have had a close encounter with breast cancer to act too,” says Sidman.

For more information on Internet Based Moms, or the Breast Cancer Awareness campaign, contact Mila Sidman at 305-515-8217 /
Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Stepping Forward with Authority

Popular site enhances existing services with board of experts

Basingstoke, Hamsphire, July 23, 2007 –The popular website Internet Based Moms took another step towards market dominance with the installation of eight business and marketing experts to its information site. The experts, all notable names in their respective fields, will be speaking directly to questions submitted by visitors in an on-going blog format. Owner Mila Sidman is joined by Alice Seba, Elaine Gordon Evan, Jenni Hunt, Kelly McCausey, Lynette Chandler, Rhea Perry and Sharon Odom Fling to provide advice and encouragement in a variety of internet business disciplines including affiliate marketing, e-bay sales, podcasting and marketing technology.

“I’m thrilled to be associated with bringing together the best and brightest online women entrepreneurs on the planet for this project.” says Sidman, the marketing and content creation specialist. “With the Experts Blog, our visitors will be able to access a superior level of personalized content, that is both original and exclusive, available nowhere else on the Internet.”

Internet Based Moms was the first to focus exclusively on online business for women, and continues to evolve with innovations like the Experts Blog. Over 3000 new visitors seeking information on legitimate work at home opportunities arrive at the site daily.

“The Experts blog is a continuation of our mission to provide the most up-to-date and relevant information to women wanting to start and operate a business online,” explains Sidman, “The experts blog will help us ensure that we’re providing the right tools for our visitors to succeed in their endeavors.”

For more information on Internet Based Moms, the continuing growth of women in online business or tips on identifying legitimate online business opportunities, contact Mila Sidman at,

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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Internet Based Moms Gains International Flavor

Change in ownership brings global perspective to popular site

Basingstoke, Hamsphire, July 17, 2007 – A new era in Internet business began quietly earlier this summer when the popular website Internet Based Moms underwent a change in leadership. Head office operations transferred across the Atlantic as Mila Sidman, an American expat now living in England, purchased the site from Canadian Alice Seba for an undisclosed amount.

“We kept the sale fairly quiet because I did not want there to be any doubt that the site would continue to be a major contributor to the internet business scene and that the overall organization would not be undergoing any major changes or shifts during this transition,” says Sidman, who has worked closely with Internet Based Moms in a support capacity for the past several years, “The primary mission of Internet Based Moms remains the same, though I am bringing a fresh perspective and energy to the site.”

The popular site was the first to focus exclusively on online business for women, a rarity online when Internet Based Moms was initially launched in 2002. The site currently attracts upwards of 3000 new visitors daily who are seeking information on legitimate work at home opportunities. Joint partnerships with Wahm Talk Radio, Internet Based Family, Internet Based Hosting & Domains, and The WC news, help the site deliver on the promise of providing valuable resources and services to moms whether free or paid.

“Obviously, being featured on CNN and Dr. Phil has contributed to our success, but it’s the information and support we provide that have allowed the site to truly flourish,” explains Sidman, who began her work at home experience as a medical transcriptionist, “because we provide more than just inspiration to those moms who want to stay home with their children. We provide solid information to help them realize that they do have options and working from home is a definite and viable possibility.”

It’s difficult to estimate the impact of a site like Internet Based Moms, but recent figures show that more than 24 million businesses are home based and 70% of home based businesses are run by women, and an increasingly significant portion of those are exclusively internet based or have a web-based component to them.
For more information on Internet Based Moms, the continuing growth of women in online business or tips on identifying legitimate online business opportunities, contact Mila Sidman at at