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Monday, July 01, 2002

Entrepreneurial Moms Now Have a Place to Exchange Resources and Ideas on Internet Businesses

Contact: Alice Seba
Phone: 1-604-608-5575Email:
URL: has launched their forums for mom-owned Internet Based Businesses. These forums provide a way for moms to exchange ideas, ask questions about online business and to network with other moms. A place to network is an invaluable resource for the entrepreneurial mom doing business on the vast Internet.
There are a wide variety of topic on the forums and everyone is welcome (even those who are not moms). Forums include:
Bartering Products and Services (many moms are just starting out and may need to outsource the service of another mom)

-HTML Help and Resources
-Graphics Help & Resources
-Scripting Help and Resources
-Software Help and Resources
-Business Ideas
-Money Saving Ideas
-Customer Service Issues and more.

Visitors to the forums include moms who are thinking about starting a business to seasoned professionals. Already, the helpful advice has begun. In response to a mom who was looking to start a home based business, Peg Bowles of, posted the following advice:
"My advice would be to think long and hard about what you really love to do. What would you spend time doing even if you weren't paid to do it? This is what you should weave into a home business. The passion is the one variable that will make a business succeed. Others may have what could be a viable business but lack the passion or are pursuing it for the wrong reasons.

If it is right, you will work twice as hard as you have ever worked in your life but enjoy it more than you can express. And in many ways, it will not seem like work."

A helpful environment is being fostered here. Moms need each other to achieve their goal of staying home with their children. Dot com moms have to compete with the big guys out in the Internet world, but with a place to exchange like these forums - they should get by all right.