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Saturday, November 01, 2003

Internet Based Moms™ Sponsors New Work at Home Mom Talk Radio Show

Contact: Kelly McCausey
Phone: 1-604-608-5575

International News - Established Internet business resource site, Internet Based Moms™ is sponsoring new Work at Home Mom Talk Radio program in its effort to bring more business resources to mothers.

November 2003, marks the launch of "Work at Home Moms Talk Radio," sponsored by Internet Based Moms™. This Internet talk radio show provides information and advice for moms who have home businesses or who would like to start a business from home. The show includes expert guests and interviews with moms who have achieved work at home success.

Topics include starting a business from home, Internet business, direct sales, business ideas, freelance writing and home life. The goal is to be a very rounded program that touches on all aspects of the work at home mom's daily life.

A new show is released each Monday, but listeners may tune in at their leisure and listen to current and past programs. "Moms are busy people," says creator, Kelly McCausey, "It's important to let moms tune in when they have a moment in their very busy days. And the beauty of radio means they can listen while they do the dishes, do some work on their business, tend to their children's needs or take a moment to relax in their hectic day."

According to Alice Seba, owner of Internet Based Moms™, "That's precisely why Internet Based Moms decided to sponsor the launch and growth of Work at Home mom Talk Radio. Our website provides information to work at home and stay at home moms, but doing a radio show makes it even easier for entrepreneurial moms to get quality information."

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