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Friday, February 10, 2006

Work at Home Moms Talk Radio Warns Moms Falling Victim to Auto-Surf Ponzi Schemes

Contact: Kelly McCausey or Alice Seba
Phone Number: 604-543-4509
Email: autosurf@wahmtalkradio

An Internet money-making scheme, called auto-surfing, has stay-at-home and work-at-home moms risking their family finances and luring other mothers in with them. Work at Home Moms Talk Radio is speaking out against this potentially illegal activity and educating moms on exactly why they should be aware.

"It's a typical story. Mom tries her hand at online business, but finds it's not producing the fast returns she was hoping for," say radio show owner, Kelly McCausey, “so they are lured into too good to be true money-making opportunities like auto-surfing."

Auto-surf programs say they are an income opportunity that pays members to view websites. Each auto-surfs has its own specific method of operation, but the general idea is the same. In order to get paid, each member needs to buy a membership. As long as the member logs in every day and views websites in the program, she will receive a certain percentage return on her investment daily. The percentage range from 1% - 12% daily and higher. In order to pay these returns to older members, the program relies on new members to sign up. It appears these are simply Ponzi schemes, disguised as an advertising venue for website owners and there are a number of authorities that agree.

One such scheme is operating at, which has been unable to payout to its members. It all began last week when StormPay, 12DailyPro's payment processor, froze 12DailyPro's account and stated that they are working with authorities in an investigation.

According to WTOC 11 in Georgia, the North Carolina Department of Justice is looking into consumer complaints. In addition, on February 8, 2006, the Georgia Governor’s Office of Consumer Affairs, stated that 12Daily Pro is a “potentially fraudulent Internet scam.”

To spread the word and caution moms from getting involved in such schemes, McCausey has dedicated a full radio show to illustrating the dangers of auto-surfing. She has interviewed one mom involved in auto-surfs and has called on Internet Marketing expert, Alice Seba of to show the true nature of these programs.

"When Kelly asked me to help her with the show, I jumped right all over it,” says Seba, “I've witnessed a lot of moms frantically trying to get others moms to sign up under them for these programs. Now I see the same moms worrying how they're going to pay rent and utility bills. It breaks my heart and I don't want to see any other moms affected."

To find out more about the potential dangers of auto-surfing, all are encouraged to listen to starting Monday, February 13, 2006. The show will be archived permanently as a public service to those who need more education on auto-surfing programs.

WAHM Talk Radio:
Thursday, February 02, 2006

Internet Based Moms Gears up for the Fourth Annual "Doing Business In Your Bathrobe Day" in February.


Contact: Alice Seba
Phone Number: 1-604-608-5575

The bathrobe has become the new symbol of freedom for the over 4.5 million people who no longer work in the conventional corporate setting. These are the brave entrepreneurs who have taken back control of their lives. They don't worry about commuting, traffic jams, office bickering, or rushed lunches.

Kristie Tamsevicius, co-founder of, a site that empowers women who have chosen to work at home says that this is a lifestyle that offers all the flexibility they need as moms plus the satisfaction of a successful career. "It's no longer a lifestyle just for women," says Tamsevicius. "Working at home is an adjustment and anyone who undertakes it needs a support system."

This year's day of celebration is February 13th (always the second Monday of February). The event has a new sponsor - Although not every home-based businessperson wears a bathrobe all the time, this garment has taken on the proud symbol of office for the stay-at-home legions of workers.'s sponsorship is a good tie-in for a couple of reasons: First, they sell bathrobes. But second, and more importantly, it was founded by two entrepreneurs who know what it's like to work in a bathrobe - one they probably made.

The folks at International Robes are so enthusiastic about Do Business in your Bathrobe Day, they are sponsoring WebMomz' annual "Biz in Bathrobe" contest. The prize? One of five luxury bathrobes, of course. has been providing work at home resources to mothers since May 2002. "This is a great event to celebrate and bring recognition to the financial contributions so many mothers are making from home. It also gives mothers in the workplace the opportunity to learn that there are more options available for them," says owner, Alice Seba.

Additional information on the festivities planned for the day and about the WebMomz/InternationalRobes prize can be found at or by contacting Kristie Tamsevicius at 847-244-8450.