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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Free Long-Term Affiliate Marketing Success Strategy Teleseminar


Contact: Alice Seba
Phone Number: 1-604-608-5575

International News – Work-at-home mom reveals strategies for long-term success in affiliate marketing and exposes many so-called Internet-marketing software products designed to make affiliate marketers crash-and-burn.

Affiliate marketing is multi-billion dollar industry on the Internet and offers many hopeful work-at-home entrepreneurs that opportunity to earn a good living from home. Unfortunately, there are far more affiliate marketers than there are affiliate marketing success stories. The public is invited to sign up for a free Long-Term Affiliate Marketing Success Strategy Success Teleseminar on Monday, March 29, 2006.

Work-at-home mom and full-time affiliate marketer, Alice Seba, is coordinating the teleseminar in the hopes of helping other entrepreneurs achieve affiliate marketing success. Alice has been immersed in affiliate marketing herself and has been teaching others about affiliate marketing since 2003.

“Many people get started in affiliate marketing and find it tough to start generating income. Even if they start generating an income, many find it difficult to sustain the income, month after month,” says Seba, “To help ease this pain, I will outline the simple strategies for long-term success in any market. I will also expose many of the software products that are marketed as the magic-pill for marketers, but in reality, are designed to make the affiliate marketer fail in the long-term or to engage in unethical marketing practices. I want people to succeed, ethically and for the long-haul.”

The teleseminar is completely free, outside of any applicable long distance charges, and will take place at 12 PM Pacific Standard Time / 3 PM Eastern Standard Time on Wednesday, March 29, 2006. Participants will have the opportunity to ask questions. Those who cannot attend the live teleseminar will be provided with audio recordings and complete transcripts of the call.

The public is invited to sign up at: