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Internet Marketing Home > Learn Internet Marketing > Mom Mastermind Review

Mom Mastermind Review

I first joined Mom Masterminds in June 2005 .  Back then I was dabbling in online business but still had a lot to learn.  You see, although I had an offline business experienced (I owned a successful transcription business offline for 8 years) – I quickly realized that online business was a whole different ball game.  

Those early days before I joined Mom Masterminds were tough and there was so much to learn… it’s not easy to build an online business all on your own.  I also remember not knowing who to ask for advice on even the basics such as getting traffic or setting up my website - and when I did get feedback  in other online forums I was never sure I could trust it.  

Finally I joined Mom Masterminds and never looked back.  I learned so much from Kelly, Alice, Lynette and all the other ladies on the forum.  That’s the great thing about Mom Masterminds, you’re not just learning from the official mentors on site, but instead you get a whole community of friendly, welcoming women ready to help you succeed at a moment’s notice.

It’s truly a friendly place were members want to see each other succeed – they help each other succeed.  And that’s just the community aspect of Mom Masterminds.  Behind the scenes you’ll also get access to tons of learning products.  These aren’t your typical “hypey” internet marketing products, but instead real and practical resources you can start using and applying to your business right away.  

Whether you’re starting out or have more experience online you’ll find products to help you succeed – all free to members.  

Also, aside from the selection of “learning/education” forums which are filled with hundreds of valuable posts and where you can ask for help and advice, you also get access to the “special resources forums”.  In these forums you’ll find special offers available to members only – this means a 25% discount on a variety of products offered directly by other MM'rs.   

There is also the bartering forum where moms can exchange valuable offers.  The outsourcing forum is extremely handy; I myself have found some great helpers through these forums.  So if you need help with a project whether it be content creation or website building you can usually find a trusted source to help you (usually at quite reasonable prices too!).   

The joint venture forum is where many successful partnerships have been formed.  It isn’t easy to make it all on your own online and many Mom Masterminds credit great partnerships for their success online.  I have formed some wonderfully fulfilling partnerships at Mom Masterminds and this forum alone is worth the small price of the membership.  

Oh, and there’s also the “website for sale forum” – you get first hand access to websites and domains put up for sale by other members.  I have also purchased a few websites here! 

All in all, Mom Masterminds is a wonderful resource.  I credit the learning experiences and opportunities gained in this fantastic community for a big part of my success.   

When you first start out online, it’s very difficult to know who to trust.  At Mom Masterminds if you have any questions whether it’s about a product you’re planning to purchase or anything internet related, you can ask before you jump in and you’ll receive honest feedback.  

Even though I’m not around there as often these days, I know I can go back and any time and expect a warm welcome.  I wholeheartedly recommend MM to anyone who is starting out or looking to take their business to the next level – there really isn’t another community like this online.  

But don’t take my word for it, you can now grab a free, no-strings attached Mom Mastermind trial for 7 days to try it out for yourself.   

Go here for the 7 day free trial:  

Although I hope this review helps you, there is no substitute for real hands-on experience so I suggest you take the 7 day preview and have a good look around before deciding to join the membership.   

Here’s a summary of what full members can expect when joining: 

  • Full access to learning forums and friendly welcoming community

  • Full access to an archive of learning products covering everything from getting more traffic to your site to creating your own products – everything you need to succeed online

  • Special member only teleseminars and further learning opportunities
  • Access to networking and joint venture forums – where you can form profitable long-term partnerships

  • Access to the Bartering forums – where you can trade services and products with other members

  • Access to the Outsourcing forums – where you can find reliable helpers for reasonable rates

  • Access to the website and domain sales forums – where you can find websites for sale from other Mom Masterminds

  • And much, much more…

If you do decide to join the membership is only 24.97 per month which is less than $0.80 per day – in my opinion considerably low for the value you’re getting in return.  But either way, give it a try and see what you think.

I’d love to know your thoughts.  You can always PM me here on the Internet Based Moms Forums or over at the Mom Mastermind forums – just let me know you’re taking the trial and if you have any questions or comments.

Go here for the 7 day trial –  and simply click the “One Time Only Seven Day Free Peek” fill in your details and you’ll get immediate access.

Wishing you much success,

Mila Sidman
Owner of Internet Based Moms


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