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You are Here: Free Internet Marketing Newsletter > Back Issues > January 2009 Issue

In This Issue
Issue Date January 2009

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- Happy New Year!

- Creating a Business Plan

- Inspiration

- Body and Mind Shape Up





Happy New Year! I wish you and yours all the best for 2009 and beyond...

Well, I have to tell you I’m excited. It’s a new year and like clockwork we give ourselves that permission to start anew in so many ways.  What a treat that this comes along every 365 days!  

Like many of you, I’ve been planning for the “new year” for some time. It’s like a ritual, come the fall and Holiday season so many of us start to reassess the year that’s concluding. I like the process because I end up asking myself some very important questions that help me plan effectively for the year ahead.

What did I achieve? What has given me the most joy and satisfaction? Where did I fall short and how can I move closer to my goals in the new year?

This is the kind of planning that most of us do intentionally or unintentionally. It’s almost an instinctive desire to want to take steps to avoid repeating mistakes and to not lose sight of those all important goals.

We all have goals of a personal or professional nature or both. They can range from helping our children to realize their potential to advancing our businesses to ensuring that our families lead a healthier lifestyle.

Whatever your goals a clear mind of what you want to achieve this year is important. Spontaneity has its place but when you’re serious about realizing important goals in your family life and business, it’s best to have a plan or map of how and when you’re going to get from A to B.

Without a plan, it’s too easy to lose sight of your goals and to get swept up in the crisis or craze of the moment.  For example, we’re experiencing a global economic crisis right now.  Media headlines and the conversations of friends and neighbors can leave you feeling stressed and confused about what impact these global issues will have on your family and business.

That’s why it’s good to have a plan, especially for your business and your family spending.  Are you hitting your marketing and sales targets?  Is your family spending within budget? Perhaps a quick review of the measurements and goals you’ve listed in your plans is all you need to either confirm that you’re doing okay or to make necessary adjustments so that you will be okay.

If you know where you’re going and how you’ll get there you’ll help to reduce a lot of anxiety and stress that is part of everyday living. That sense of control can go a long way in helping you to see clearly the obstacles and opportunities before you. That’s the kind of vision we all need to start the year off with confidence and focus.

With that said, enjoy the newsletter - it includes some great ideas for creating a business plan, a great inspirational resource and tips for getting both body and mind in shape!

Wishing you all the best,

Creating a Business Plan

Do you know what the number one reason why businesses fail is? According to the Harvard Business Review, it is because they fail to execute a good business plan.

Harvard University dedicates a lot of resources and some of the world’s best minds to their research so I would keep this fact in the forefront of your mind as you position your business for success in 2009.

There are some simple components that should be part of every good business plan and they are:  

1.                   Business Purpose or Mission Statement

2.                   Company Goals

3.                   Objectives in Support of Goals

4.                   Action Strategies

5.                   A Means to Monitor and Evaluate your Goals

Once you’ve completed the components above you should be able define what your business is about, what the goals are that you want to achieve and who your target market is.  When setting your goals, I suggest you limit them to 2 or 3 measurable and achievable goals.  Since goals are often significant milestones that require a few steps before realization, it’s good to set objectives in support of those goals.

For instance, let’s say your goal is to increase your current revenue by 25% this year.  Your first objective might be to increase your customer roster from 15 to 20 clients in the 1st quarter.  Your strategy might involve an email campaign and a contest and certain times and intervals. 

Finally you have to determine a system that will ensure you are monitoring and evaluating your goals on a regular basis.

For example, if by the third quarter of this year your revenue has actually gone up only 5%, then you need to re-examine your objectives and strategies.  You’ll likely find that you weren’t hitting your objectives of increasing your client roster or promoting in targeted venues, etc.

By monitoring and evaluating your plan regularly, you can make adjustments and changes to the plan to better ensure. that your goals are met for the year.

It’s not just a “good idea” to put into place a functioning, measurable plan; it’s a necessity that could mean the difference between your business thriving or just surviving come year-end.


Have you ever participated in an educational seminar where the instructor involved you in some activity that helped to excite or inspire you about the topic to be discussed? 

Sometimes when important work is before us, the kind that requires detailed thought and motivation in order to create something valuable and unique, we need a little inspiration. 

For me, inspiration is like a magic pill that awakens our creativity and raises our potential.  It’s like looking at the before and after picture of someone that has lost a lot of weight.  Doesn’t it inspire you to think that you can achieve that goal as well (if you could do with losing a few pounds)? 

Well I have some inspiration for work at home moms thinking of ways that they can take action to realize their dreams and boost their family incomes.  The good thing is there’s nothing “magic” about this inspiration, it’s reality at its finest.   

Getting Body and Mind in Shape 

Okay, so now you’re all set to whip up a simple, but measurable business plan for the new year.  But what about that other important “going concern” namely your personal health? 

In the interest of women everywhere who are concerned about getting both body and mind into shape this year, I thought I’d share a few health tips:  

  • Make time for family and friends – these relationships need to be nurtured and can help to give us some psychological and social balance that we need on a regular basis.
  • Create a meaningful family budget - financial problems cause stress and often arise when we over-spend on our “wants” instead of our “needs.”
  • Build in at least 10-minutes of physical activity (exercise) several times throughout the day.  Try to build up to 30-minutes of physical activity every day.
  • While watching TV or reading posts like those on our Internet Based Moms discussion board do stretches or work with hand weights.
  • Try to think of destinations that you can walk to like the store, your child’s school, a restaurant or a friend’s house.  Then, the next time you have to go there…WALK!
  • Housework can improve your endurance, strength and flexibility along with burning calories.  The next time you’re feeling less than inspired about cleaning the family bathroom put some music on…and think about how you’re improved business plan will soon help you to pay for someone else to clean this bathroom!

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