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In This Issue
Issue Date March 2009

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Like clockwork, March blew in this year with all kinds of unpredictable weather…snow in some southern regions and tornado winds wreaking havoc in others.  It sort of reminds me of our world markets right now…turbulent! Yet, I don’t feel caught up in it because I can’t control what’s beyond my control.  I can, however, control my business and I can’t lose site of that and neither should you.   

You prepared a plan for your business based on research and a good analysis of what works for your market.  Stick to your plan, adjust as necessary to deal with unforeseen changes, and don’t panic. 

I know it’s easy to let fear creep in when the daily news highlights the rising number of home foreclosures, bankruptcies, and plant closings taking place around the world.  Some of these factors may affect your business, many will not.  In fact many online businesses are reporting little to no change in their business revenues because of the recession.  I know my own business is actually thriving and projected to do better in 2009 than 2008… and I’m not alone. 

Regardless of how the economy is affecting you one thing is for certain, you’ve got to stay focused on your clients, your niche and your business plan.  You can’t control world markets, but you can control your business. 

That’s why you started an internet based business…you wanted control.  Now take it (it’s yours for the taking).  Read on to learn how to gain control of your time...

Wishing you all the best,

Getting Control of YOUR Time - Be Frugal

It’s one thing to say that your business plan is your indispensable blueprint that you refer to often and adhere to faithfully.  It’s another thing to find the time to actually do it. 

How often have you started your day with a to-do list of projects, all aligned to your business plan goals, and ended up barely crossing off one item on your list? For many of us, that’s the case more often than not.

Perhaps your day derailed because of a phone call which led to an unplanned task which led to unforeseen challenges which led to….any number of outcomes, none which addressed your current goals. Sure from time to time there will be those interruptions which are personal emergencies or necessary tasks for the survival of your business.  But time management experts agree, “time-wasters” come in all forms, and are often cloaked in “urgent” disguise when really they are just “time-wasters.” 

For example, you sit down to work at 9:30 a.m. and get a call from your top client.  Of course you take it, but all he wants to do is brain storm some new ideas for some upcoming projects.   

You continue to participate in this discussion for 5, 10, 15 minutes.  You’re hesitant to cut him off because he’s your top client! But by the time you’re done talking to him 25 minutes have gone by and you’ve committed to do some “quick research” for him to support some work he hasn’t even really committed to doing. 

Meanwhile you had an appointment to discuss upcoming work with him tomorrow morning anyway.  Perhaps if you had looked at your time more as a valuable commodity than as something you were willing to give away you would have handled his call more efficiently. 

As an alternative in this scenario what the hypothetical you might have done is instead of listening to your client go on about a less urgent project while priority work is sitting before you untouched, you could politely interrupt him with the following: 

“Gary your ideas sound great and I actually can add some more to this discussion once I’ve had some time to do some research.  As it stands you and I are already scheduled to have a teleconference tomorrow morning. I’m completing some work right now so that I can have a clean block of time tomorrow to discuss and explore your projects. Can we have this discussion then?” 

Another alternative strategy would be to avoid taking any telephone calls for a particular period of your day so that you can work uninterrupted, period. 

Always assess with a frugal and analytical mind any interruptions that take you off of your day’s plan.  You can’t afford a 20-minute time-waster in your day.  That’s one of the reasons you’re working from home – to have control of your time.

Time Management Tips 

Here are some time management tips that you might find helpful.

1. Establish a routine: If some days you start at 9:00 a.m. and others you start at 1:00 p.m., all dependent upon how you feel, you won’t be very effective at controlling your work time.  Determine the hour you want to start work and the hour you want to stop and then schedule within that time frame.  Sticking to a routine actually makes it easier for you to manage your time efficiently.

2. Start the day with the right frame of mind: A positive frame of mind can do wonders for a business owner with a lot on her plate. You’re most effective when you’re alert, energized and eager to tackle the day ahead.  Since we all don’t naturally wake up that way, figure out your healthy triggers.  What healthy habit makes you feel positive and alert in the morning.  Experts suggest a healthy breakfast, exercise and deep breathing as wonderful ways to clear the mind, create calmness and improve your alertness levels.

Here’s a suggested routine: Choose a manageable exercise activity in the morning – even if it is just stretching for 20 minutes.  Then have a healthy breakfast.  Follow that by sharpening your mind around the news of the day. You might do that by visiting your favorite news site or online community, like the blog at  .  Then take a few deep cleansing breaths and dive into your work.  After all, you’re working for yourself that’s about the best way to start the day!

Updating the Day’s Plan:  Update or devise your plan for the day keeping in mind what you want to have achieved that week or month.  This could take 10 or 20 minutes and ideally should be done before you delve into your work.  Put about that much time into this mini plan before you start work and you might save yourself hours of work later on.  Sometimes by doing this daily check of work to do you end up finding tasks or projects that were missed or that need attention.

Ever Heard of the Rule of Two? I read about this recently and it seems like a good tip to share.  So that you don’t feel swamped by the work ahead of you, look at your tasks carefully and then focus on the two most important pieces of work.  Determine their importance by how crucial these tasks are to your business (or even other projects).  Once you’ve zeroed in on the top two tasks, tackle them first.  By attacking your to-do list this way you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment and you may even enhance the effectiveness of your work by dealing with priority projects that may have an impact on other areas of your business.

Avoid the “email tick”: One of the biggest time wasters today is the act of checking email.  It wouldn’t be so bad if we checked it once or twice a day, but far too many of us check our emails 6,7 and 8 times a day and that’s not productive.

Checking email is too easy and quick a way to divert attention away from the work at hand. You open one email, follow a trusted link somewhere you had no intention of going, and 20 minutes later you still haven’t returned to your work.

Don’t succumb to the temptation to check your email, again and again. Give yourself 2-4 intervals in the day (depending on the nature of your business) when you will check your email and then stick to that schedule.  You’ll thank yourself for showing such discipline – especially if it allows you to work more efficiently.  When you work more efficiently that’s more quality time available for you to do the other important things in your life.

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