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You are Here: Free Internet Marketing Newsletter > Back Issues > Exciting announcement for you... - December 17, 2007

In This Issue
Issue Date December 17, 2007

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- Mila's Note:  Exciting announcement for you today!...

- Community & Networking: Highlights for this week include...

- WAHM Talk Radio Notes: Journey of writing, the easy way...

- Featured Article:  3 copywriting strategies...

- Mom Recommends: Holiday Promotion ends midnight, Dec. 25...

- Moms Marketplace: Traffic, websites, content, and other people's stuff! Plus your opportunity to reach THOUSANDS...

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A Note From Mila




I have an exciting announcement for you today! Our new member's area is live and ready for action. This area is free to all Internet Based Moms subscribers and includes interview sessions, special subscriber offers and work at home guides and tutorials.


Please keep in mind that this area is a work in progress. We will be adding new content over the coming months but for now you can get started listening to some great interviews. I've also added the freelance job success guide I promised you last week.


You'll need to log in at: *Member link only*

Please go to to sign up for free


Also, I have been looking through your survey responses and thank you so much again for providing such great feedback. I'm working on a new project which will resolve many of the issues and problems you're facing. Look out for an announcement on that in the New Year as well as an extra special member's only offer.


Finally, this is the last official newsletter until 2008. I need a break and so does my family! We will send out a reminder or two before the New Year, but until then, I'd like to take a moment to wish you and your family a very happy Christmas and good luck in the New Year... may it bring you all you desire.


I truly appreciate you, and hope the new member's area will help you in your work at home journey.


Please scroll down and read about all the latest happenings in the work at home mom community. Our featured article includes 3 copywriting strategies you may not have heard of and we have a special SBI! buy-one-get-one free holiday promotion you won't want to miss out on!


Take care and stay safe this holiday season.


Wishing you much success,

Mila Sidman, editor Internet Based Moms

"Helping Moms Succeed in Online Business"

In partnership with Internet Based Family - The easiest website builder on the net!

Community & Networking

Since this is our last newsletter for the year, I just want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I hope you're able to take a few extra days off to spend with the family as well as rest up for the new year.

The highlights for this week include:

Traffic - traffic - traffic. We all want more of it. If you're looking for ways to get more traffic to your site, Lynette talks about several items this week, such as
Linked In,,digg,, myweb2, technorati and more.

As promised, Sarah is back with some great tips on getting yourself in front of influential leaders. I know they work because I've actually used a few myself before. If you're trying to get your name out to your local community leaders, these tips are a must read.

Aurelia discusses a topic near and dear to my heart this week, Procrastination. I live with a houseful of procrastinators and they drive me crazy. They always have good intentions but never seem to follow through. If you have a tendency to procrastinate, check out Aurelia's tips on how to overcome it.

Staff Blog
Linda brings up a very good question. How useful are "complaint" sites? You know the ones where you can tell the whole world that you had a bad experience with a company.
What do you think? Are they useful? Have you ever used one and did it do any good?

Here are a few hot topics from this past week:

-  What's the best kind of website design software for newbie's
-  Staying positive during the holidays
-  How many computers do you own
-  Were you home schooled as a child

Stop by to share your thoughts and join the fun today:

Are you having a sale? Want to spread the word about your business opportunity? Hosting a chat is a great way to do both and best of all, it's free!

For complete information on upcoming events or to schedule a chat, consult our interactive calendar at

Happy Holidays,

Melody Spier
Assistant Editor

WAHM Talk Radio Notes

Cindy Rushton is the author of over 80 books, Bible studies and homeschool resources. She edits and publishes two magazines, Time for Tea and Homeschooling The Easy Way. If that is not enough, she also manages two of her own blogs: Cindy's Desk(Top!)! and A Writers Nook and she produces an online weekly radio show, Mom-to-Mom Radio Show.

Her writing journey, tips, and ideas that she has learned along the journey are recorded in our humble effort of sharing an EASY way to step-up to your call as a professional writer. As you get to know Cindy, you will find a dear, dear friend to give you a great big hug, loving smile, and take you by the hand into a journey of writing the EASY WAY! Get are definitely in for a treat!

For the WAHM & her Family,
Kelly McCausey
Visit and listen to WAHM Talk Radio: 


Featured Success Article


3 Copywriting Strategies You May Not Have Heard Of   
By Mila Sidman
Copywriting is full of rules, tips, strategies, and advice. Everyone is either an expert or they’re looking for an expert and we all have something to learn about copywriting and it is always the customer that teaches us. Here are three copywriting strategies I’ve learned along the way.
Make it personal. Sales letters, emails, and web pages are often full of facts, statistics, and of course the all important benefits. These are critical elements of copy, however what is often left out of many sales pieces is personality. Business owners are striving so hard for that high conversion rate that they’re forgetting that people still want to connect on some level with their retailer or service provider. With online business, this is even more important because we don’t often have the opportunity to personally interact with our customers.
There are several elements to make your copy personal. The easiest is to use the word “you” in your copy. Make your reader feel as if you are speaking to them directly and not to their demographic. Also use examples in your copy that relate specifically to your target audience. Good copy is all about your customer and not about you, however if you can include a personal story while demonstrating a benefit, that helps your reader connect with you as a person that truly understands their needs.
Think about it this way, are you more likely to buy a car from a car salesperson who drives the exact same model you’re looking at or from a sales person that is driving a different make and model? You’re going to trust the salesperson that is driving the same car, right? The same holds true for your customers.

Be specific. The more specific you are with your benefits and promises, the better results you’ll see. For example, “Make money traveling” is a nice headline, however “Make $100,000 this year writing travel copy,” is significantly more powerful and compelling. Now your job is to back it up with specifics! 

Keep it lively. Active words sell much better than passive words and skip the adverbs please. Why say, “she walked quietly” when “she tiptoed” is so much more descriptive and active? Adverbs don’t often pop up in sales copy however when they do, they’re a stumbling block for your reader. Rather than say “save money quickly,” say “save money today.” 

Was, will be, and has or have been are all passive. Instead use active verbs. For example, “our customer service team will be available 24/7.” A more active version reads like this, “Our Customer Service team is available 24/7.”  

If you want to learn to write good sales copy that doesn't feel or sound hypey yet produces excellent results, I recommend Maria Veloso's Web Copywriting University course. This lady has influenced my writing style greatly and she's also extremely nice and helpful. In summary, her course rocks - Go to  for more info.

Mila Sidman is the owner and editor of the popular website Internet Based Moms. She's a copywriter, marketer and mom with a passion for helping women succeed in business.



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