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You are Here: Free Internet Marketing Newsletter > Back Issues > Biggest Direct Sales Diretories - December 3, 2007

In This Issue
Issue Date December 3, 2007

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- Editor's Note:  Biggest direct sales directories around...

- Community & Networking: An exhausting week...

- Wahm Talk Radio Notes: Chasing your passions...

- Featured Article: Generate links to your site...

- Mom Recommends:  The opportunity to do something...

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A Note From Mila




Are you in the holiday spirit yet? I'm slowly getting there. Next week we'll probably put up the tree (I'll post some pictures) and I'm thinking I should really start Christmas shopping soon!


To be honest, I tend to just get it all done on one day and then boom it's all done and dusted rather than something that just lingers on for days. What about you? Are you a one-day shopper or are you one of those early birds that starts their shopping in July? ;-)


If you're a direct sales mom this is probably a super busy time of year for you. Make the most of the holiday sales by grabbing the Moms Talk Biz Guide to Direct Sales Success.  It includes lots of tips and strategies that will help you throughout the year and some holiday sales tips too! Learn more here:


Also don't forget that Internet Based Moms has one of the biggest direct sales directories around. Our direct sales manager Linda Stacy has built a huge resource including up-to-date information on all the different direct sales opportunities, articles, tips and strategies.  You can find that over at


Finally, if you're looking for great web content, I'll have an exciting update for you later in the week, so be on the lookout for that!


That's it from me, have a wonderful week and please scroll down for our featured article, community updates and special offers.


Wishing you much success,

Mila Sidman, editor Internet Based Moms

"Helping Moms Succeed in Online Business"


Community & Networking


Whew, last week was an exhausting week! I had company the entire week, was not feeling the greatest and had many pending projects to complete. By Friday,  found myself exhausted both mentally and physically. These are the times it really makes me thankful that I work from home where I can juggle my schedule a bit.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels this way, especially during the holiday season when schedules are tight, kids are sick and company starts arriving. It’s my wish to all who are working from home that you not only find success in your business but also have plenty of time to spend with your family. If you’re struggling with either of these, be sure to drop by the site for resources and support.

Here are the highlights from this past week at Internet Based Moms.

Three posts you may want to read from our experts are:
 -  Elements of online copy: Persuading your prospects to buy
 -  The entrepreneurial mindset: How to handle people who don’t understand it
 -  A treasure hunt: The importance of having a treasure map for your business 

Staff Blog
If you’ve ever had writers block, see Annette’s latest post to find out how cheap champagne and M&Ms can help. I don’t know about you but those would definitely inspire me!

So many topics, so little time! There’s so much happening on the forums it’s hard to decide what to look at first. You may want to begin with the Telecommuting and Jobs section where you can learn about working from home and find lots of job opportunities. Your next stop might be the Take a Break Mom section where you can discuss everything from money, time management, parenting, and entertainment and health topics.

We’d love to have you join us and share your own thoughts on these and many other discussions. 

In the chat room this week, you can find an Arbonne gift party happening on Monday and Tuesday. Then on Friday, you can learn more about joining the Stay at Home and Loving It team.

For complete information on upcoming events or to schedule a chat, consult our interactive calendar at

Until next time,

Melody Spier
Assistant Editor

WAHM Talk Radio Notes


My guest this week is 'Baby Boomer Diva' Beverly Mahone. Like me, Beverly has one left in the nest in the last year of high school. A work at home mom as a result of pursuing her own passions, Beverly has joined me to talk about just that: Passion!


You'll be so encouraged to find and chase after your passions in business and otherwise when you're finished listening to this great interview!

Also, find out what some WAHMs are asking for for Christmas this year! (Don't forget that you can make a Christmas Wish for your work at home business on my website!)



For the WAHM & her Family,
Kelly McCausey
Visit and listen to WAHM Talk Radio: 


Featured Success Article


How To Generate Links To Your Site 
By Mila Sidman

There are a number of effective ways of getting links to your site, and as this is such a crucial part of search engine optimization, it is worth trying as many as you have time for. The following suggestions should give you a good start: 

Link to other sites 

If you include links to relevant sites on your webpage, you can then contact that business to ask if they will link back to you in return. This is known as a reciprocal link. They are not obliged to do this, but many will as a gesture of goodwill, especially if your site is equal or greater in popularity to theirs.  

Include a ‘link to us’ page on your site 

This page should include the code your visitors will need if they want to place a link to your site on their own site. You may wonder why anyone would want to link to your site, but a relevant online businesses might do so in the hope that you will link to theirs in return.   

Write and distribute articles 

In recent years this has become the most effective way to generate one way links to your site. You can write articles relevant to your business and include a resource box at the bottom of the article with a link back to the appropriate webpage.  

These articles can then be submitted to various article directories. In itself this provides one link per directory, but it can also generate more links if people want to download your articles to use on their own websites.  For someone to want to do this your article should be carefully researched, informative and well written.  

You can also post articles on your website and allow your customers to download them for free and use them on their own websites. As long as you stipulate that the content and the resource box at the bottom of the article stay as they are this can generate valuable hyper links to your site.   

Join forums  

Posting comments on forums that relate to your business can be another way to generate links to your site. It is a good idea to build up your credibility and reputation on the forum by getting actively involved in various discussions before you start including links back to your site in your posts.  

It is a good idea to check the rules of the forum to see what they allow in terms of adding links to posts. Most forums will allow you to place a link to your site in your signature even if you can’t place links in the posts themselves.   

Write a Blog 

If you are writing a blog that is hosted on an external blogging network, rather than hosted yourself, any links from your blog back to your site will be seen as valuable by search engines. You can include links back to each of your web pages in relevant blog posts.  You can allow your readers to reprint your blog posts as long as they keep the links in place.  

Write reviews or testimonials 

You could approach businesses that are relevant to yours without being a direct competitor, and offer to write a product review or testimonial for them in return for a link to your site.

Mila Sidman is the owner and editor of the popular website Internet Based Moms. She's a copywriter, marketer and mom with a passion for helping women succeed in business.

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