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You are Here: Free Internet Marketing Newsletter > Back Issues > All that work is finally paying off... - January 21, 2008

In This Issue
Issue Date January 21, 2008

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- Mila's Note:  All that work is now starting to pay off...

- Community & Networking: Brrrr I hope you're staying warm...

- Featured Article:  Success Strategies That REALLY Work! ...

- Mom Recommends: 3 Simple Secrets to Publishing...

- Moms Marketplace: Traffic, websites, content, and other people's stuff! Plus your opportunity to reach THOUSANDS...

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A Note From Mila




Today I want to take a little time and speak to you about wellbeing and fitness and share some of my workout secrets!


We all know January is the month for goals and resolutions – for many of us a big goal to lose weight and get in better shape. Losing weight is a great resolution, but the truth is there are so many other reasons for exercising… fat burning is just a bonus really.


One our members recently posted on the forums about her new exercise routine and you can just sense her excitement and energy coming through the post. I couldn’t agree more. I’ve always been pretty active and fairly healthy but over the last year I have been paying some serious attention to my fitness.


All that work is now starting to pay off – I’m stronger, leaner and have tons of energy… I’m miles ahead of where I was just one year ago. If you’ve set yourself a goal this year to lose weight or exercise more all I can say is – do it. The rewards you’ll get will be fantastic and worth every ounce of effort.


Start small and work your way up and most importantly do what you enjoy most. Whether it’s walking, running or going to the gym, exercise is a personal issue and you’re more likely to stick to doing something you love. I tried lots of different things when I started out and although I enjoy the gym from time to time I found what I really loved was going for a run.


I now run about three times a week and do my body sculpting exercises 4 to 5 times (if I’m feeling extra energetic!). I don’t bother with the free weights or extra ab exercises anymore because I feel the body weight exercises Eddie taught me work best and they’re much faster so that’s a bonus for busy moms like us.


So although I’ve strayed from the topic of marketing, I hope this helps you. Even if you feel you’re not ready for this program have a look through Eddie’s blog because he offers some great info on there. But remember do whatever feels right for you, not what everyone else is doing and you’ll be more likely to stick with the program for the long term.


I've also included 6 BIG success tips that really work in our featured article. Whatever your goals and resolutions are for this year, I wish you the best... I know you can do it!


Wishing you much success,


Mila Sidman, editor Internet Based Moms

"Helping Moms Succeed in Online Business"



Community & Networking

With all the cold weather we've been having lately, I hope you are warm and well. A positive side of having this frigid weather is that you have more time to complete business tasks.

Sarah talks about running a business with a different mindset that may get your creative juices flowing.

Whether your just starting a business or have been at it for years, if things are slow, Rhea has some tips

Some of the forum highlights for the week include:
- Which do you prefer, flicker or photobucket
- Copyright infringement
- Should kids be rewarded for good grades
- Do you offer unsolicited advice

We also have lots of new jobs being posted daily and some of our members are seeking people to outsource tasks to.

To view these and other great topics, ask questions, share ideas and tips or to just network a bit, visit

Until next time,

Melody Spier
Assistant Editor

Featured Success Article


6 BIG Success Strategies That REALLY Work!   
By Mila Sidman  

From time to time we all stray from our goals and that’s quite normal in business.

Sometimes it’s hard to keep going and at times it’s normal to feel like quitting and that’s okay – as long as you never actually quit.  Feeling like quitting doesn’t really count, what matters is that you hang in there and keep trying -- that’s what will make your endeavors successful in the long run.

Here are 6 success tips to keep you going through the rough times.  Whether for business, health or anything else in life the same rules always apply.  

Stay Motivated – Sure it’s difficult when you’re feeling down and out but if you develop an action plan for staying motivated it will be easier to ride out the rough times.  Whether it’s a visual reminder of your goals, a daily thinking session or setting small action steps with rewards do something to stay on track. 

Realize You’re Not Alone – Sometimes when you’re feeling down or unmotivated it can feel like you’re pretty much alone but the reality is you’re NOT.  Most business people doubt themselves from time to time… they wouldn’t be human if they didn’t.  The trick is not to let those moments of doubt stop you dead in your tracks, keep going and you’ll soon feel better again.  

It’s Just A Mood – When the kids are screaming, the house is messy and it seems like you’re just not getting anywhere with work, tell yourself it’s just a mood and it will soon pass. Do the same thing when you’re feeling down… accept that we all have these thoughts from time to time and also understand your “mood” will pass shortly.  

10% is better than 100% - One of the reasons I feel that many entrepreneurs fail is because they’re trying so hard to come up with the next “big” idea or be the absolute best in their industry… it’s understandable, most of us want to dominate our niche no?  But the truth is that’s just darn impossible to do.  Your business will never appeal to everyone out there and waiting to make it big with that one lucky idea is quite a rare occurrence.   

Instead why not concentrate on just doing a little bit better each day.  In business it’s really the small day to day events that add up to huge successes – big one-time homeruns are rare but sticking to your plan, doing a little extra each day will soon add up and you’ll be in a great place.

Take a Time Out – I give my kids time outs when they misbehaved or sometimes when they’re simply in a bad mood… you know those days when everything seems to upset them? Well I just say “can you please just go to your room for 10 minutes and play quietly and you’ll probably feel much better” -- it usually works wonders, 10 minutes is enough time to distract them from whatever put them in the foul mood in the first place and they usually come back downstairs in good spirits again.   

Well it took me a while but I realized, hello… it’s the same for us!  Sometimes all it takes is 10 or 15 minutes to give us a little extra energy boost and make us feel sane again.  A quick walk, a coffee break or even a phone call to a friend can all work wonders for our soul… so take your time outs and enjoy them!

Give Up! – Seriously, just give up taking everything so seriously and worrying so much.  Worrying about things that are out of our control can be a huge waste of energy. Instead have faith, you’ve made it this far in life and there are surely great things waiting for you down the road…. Sometimes it’s good to take a step back and relax a little.  

Things won’t always go to plan and it doesn’t really matter, that’s often part of the joy of life – adapting and changing to your circumstances, learning, and being constantly pushed just a little outside of your comfort zone.  Instead of fighting it or worrying, give up, relax and enjoy the ride! J

Mila Sidman is the owner and editor of the popular website Internet Based Moms. She's a copywriter, marketer and mom with a passion for helping women succeed in business. Get personal business advice and daily job leads over at the Internet Based Moms Forums - 

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