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You are Here: Free Internet Marketing Newsletter > Back Issues > We've added a Jobs section - November 19, 2007

In This Issue
Issue Date November 19, 2007

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- Editor's Note:  We've added a Jobs section...

- Community & Networking: What do you think?

- Wahm Talk Radio Notes: Come see the new cafe...

- Featured Article:  Starting point to finding steady jobs...

- Mom Recommends:  The opportunity to do something...

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A Note From Mila




I hope you had a great weekend. I can't believe it's nearly Thanksgiving! This is a great time of year to just reflect and feel thankful for everything we have. As always I'm thankful for my healthy, happy family and friends. I'm also grateful for my business and the opportunity to do what I do.


And even though most of us have a busy week ahead, we have a lot of site updates I think you'll enjoy. We've added a Jobs section to the forums. We've had a lot of requests and questions sent in from moms who just want to find a job or work they can do from home rather than building a business. Telecommuting and freelancing is definitely a great option and each day we'll post the latest jobs on the forum (look for the jobs folder).


We've also added two new tutorials for you. An SEO and traffic getting started tutorial - and a writing and copywriting getting started tutorial - .  Those are both live now and free.


You'll also find two new direct sales company profiles here:


I think that's it for updates. There's lots more to read in this issue including our featured article, community and WAHM talk radio updates and more. If you're in the U.S. have a great Thanksgiving and enjoy the time with your family.


Wishing you much success,

Mila Sidman, editor Internet Based Moms

"Helping Moms Succeed in Online Business"


Community & Networking


So what do you think about the forums? Isn’t it great to have so many new topics? Sure, we could talk about these things before but now they have their own space!

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, then you haven’t been to our forums lately to see the new additions. Whether you want to talk business, are looking for a telecommuting job or are looking for a “water cooler” to discuss anything but work, we have it. We’d love to have you stop by and join in the conversations.

If ecommerce lingo confuses you, stop by the expert blogs and see what Lynette has to say about using shopping carts, merchant accounts and PayPal to sell your products.

Kelly shares four necessary show elements for creating professional sounding introductions, segues, closings and promo for your podcast. You can find her example here:

There’s no excuse to give up exercising just because you’re a work at home mom. You can do both at the same time.  Sharon shares her experience with exercising while you work.

Staff Blog
We now have two ways to keep up with what’s happening on the staff blog. For those who use feed readers, you can grab our RSS feed code. If you prefer email notifications, you can now sign up to receive those as well. How easy is that!

If you haven’t stopped by lately, you may have missed where Linda talks about effective communication and offers tips for getting faster and more complete responses to your emails. Drop by and leave us a comment or two.

Until next time,

Melody Spier
Assistant Editor

WAHM Talk Radio Notes


Cara Mirabella of Cara's Cafe and Michelle Waters of Shop Kit Plus are here to give us the final update for our second Flip That Mom's Website project and to reveal the new Cara's Cafe to us.

Subscribe to Cara's mailing list on the site to be entered for her giveaway this week. (She'll be drawing a winner's email every day.) Want to learn more about the shopping cart she's using? Visit Shop Kit Plus.

Nell Taliercio, the Telecommuting Answer Lady is here with a fresh resident advisor segment for us. She has advice for a mom who wants to start a Virtual Assistant business after the new year.



For the WAHM & her Family,
Kelly McCausey
Visit and listen to WAHM Talk Radio: 


Featured Success Article


Successful Online Job Hunting

By Mila Sidman

There is fierce competition for work at home jobs.  Most of these jobs are flexible and great for moms, students, retirees and everyone in between who dreams of working from home.  The good news is there are plenty of jobs out there, the trick is to know where to look. 

Here are a few tips to help you get started: 

Don’t pay for a job:  You’ve probably heard this before but it’s worth repeating.  You really don’t need to pay a company to hire you for regular or freelance work.  You’re providing a service to them so the only getting paid should be you.  With some job banks it is customary to pay a small yearly feel as well as with some freelance job sites.  These are usually legit but unfortunately there are some scams too, do your research and if in doubt visit a trusted forum and ask questions – people will quickly open up to you on a forum if they’ve had a bad experience with a certain company.  

Think Long Term:  Places like or can be a great starting point to finding steady jobs.  I’ve spoken to several writers and VAs who have found great long-term clients through these freelance sites.  The key is to read through the ads and spot the ones that are looking for the cheapest, one-time worker or the ones that seem like they want to build a long-term relationship.  

The truth is most of the business owners posting in these places would welcome the opportunity to find a reliable person to work with.  By being professional and doing just that little bit extra on a project you’re greatly improving your chances of working with that person again.  

Craigslist:  There are many, many jobs on Craigslist.  Unfortunately, some are disguised are jobs and are merely opportunities that will ask you for money but if you take a little time to look deeper you’ll find lots of legitimate work at home jobs.  Always read the ad carefully and follow all the guidelines set out by the poster when applying for the job.  There is nothing that will disqualify you faster than not following instructions.  

Cover Letters, Resumes & Samples:  Some work at home jobs will ask to see these.  Your best bet is to write a resume that lists any previous experience where you’ve worked independently.  Write in a positive, upbeat tone and keep it succinct.   

When a potential employer looks at your resume they’re not really interested so much in all your work experience, your hobbies or how many awards you have won.  It doesn’t hurt to list these things in some cases, but mainly your potential employer is looking for words that stand out to him to instantly tell him how you are the right person for the job. Think of it as a brief 30 second interview in print – use your time wisely, how can you describe you’re the best person for the job in 30 seconds or less? 

A cover letter has one purpose – to get you the interview.  Don’t worry about saying everything in your cover letter, save some for later.  Again, think 30 second interview and make your point clearly.  It’s really worth it to take a little extra time and get this just right.  

When applying for freelance job a resume or cover letter usually isn’t necessary, but most potential customers will ask for samples – especially if you’re a writer or designer.  If you’re applying for an admin position they may ask for a few references or to know who you’ve worked previously.  

If you’re new to working from home don’t let lack of experience stand in your way.  It really all comes down to how well you present yourself and your mindset.  Approach potential jobs with a positive mindset and have an “I can do this” attitude.  And once you do get the job, giving it 110% will ensure you have no shortage of future jobs.

Mila Sidman is the owner and editor of the popular website Internet Based Moms. She's a copywriter, marketer and mom with a passion for helping women succeed in business.



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