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Yanik Silver's 33 Days to Online Profits - Back to Reviews Main

33 Days To Online Profits by Yanik Silver

By Mila Sidman

Yanik Silver's book 33 Days to Online Profits is one of the best guides for starting an internet business from scratch.

I first read this book back in 2004 and since the information has been updated several times. I recently reviewed the book again and the information is as good (if not better) today then when I first purchased this back in 04.

It's fair to say that Yanik Silver is recognized as a leading internet marketing expert. His websites receive millions of visitors per year and his products are well respected and trusted.

Experience Level:  

Complete beginner to Advanced  

33 Days to Online Profits is definitely a great starting place for your internet business and will help more experience marketers as well.

Personal Experience: 

I first read this book back in 2004 and it was my first introduction to Yanik Silver. Since I've purchased many more of Yanik's products and vouch for every single one.

Not only is Yanik very good at taking the complicated and making it simple, he has "walked the walk" rather than just "talk the talk." He has built several million dollar businesses after starting out with only a few bucks.

Through his products he doesn't hold back and shows the reader exactly how they can achieve the same success.

For me personally, 33 Days to Online Profits is a fantastic introduction to the world of internet marketing and the ideas in this book have been extremely helpful in the development of my business.

I also find Yanik's philosophy of "thinking big" really hits home with me. He helps you feel that you CAN and WILL accomplish big things - and then gives you the tools and resources to put an action plan into place.

The Book: 

This book is very reasonably priced and packed with information to help you with all aspects of your online business - basically it's your complete success manual.

Here's what's included:

         Google AdWords: In just 7 minutes or less you can start driving super qualified and targeted visitors from Google right to your site...   

     Linking strategies: The most powerful overlooked way to get top search engine placements for your site and massive amounts of NEW traffic!

    Articles: How to write articles that bring visitors to your site for weeks, months, even years... without spending a dime on advertising! (Plus the secret to using articles with RSS & Blogging.)   

     Affiliate Program and JVs: New updated information on how to create massive windfalls of traffic and sales….but you only pay AFTER a customer purchases.

And you'll get more ways to convert those visitors into sales over and over again:

     Copywriting: What's the real secret to getting your visitors to reach for their wallets once they hit your site? Find out the most powerful psychological triggers to practically force people to click and buy. 

     How to capture the name, email and mailing address of EVERY single qualified and interested prospect who hits your site. 

     Maximizing Sales: How a simple 4-minute change can instantly boost your site's revenues 24%, 56%, 87% or more without getting one additional visitor.

Plus, New Bonuses Just Added…

    RSS and Blogging - How to master the hottest trend in online marketing for 2005 and beyond!

     10 Fast and Easy Ways to create your own information product. Tap into the most lucrative products you can sell online…in a snap!

Just about everything you need to start your business out on the right foot.

What I really like: 

One of the best things about this product (and other products by Yanik Silver) is how easy he makes the whole process.

33 Days to Online Profits contains REAL information that you can apply and start profiting from right away. It's not a guide that only slightly touches on certain topics or contains a lot of "fluff" - it's the real deal just like Yanik.

Is 33 Days to Online Profits for you? 

If you're looking for a blueprint that takes you by the hand and tells you yes you can make money online and this is how you do it then this book is definitely for you.

Click here to buy it now

If you have more of a sceptical mentality and think no way this is too easy or it's not going to work, then I would venture to say that it probably won't work - simply because you don't believe enough in the process to let it work for you.

The bottom line is buy this book if you believe that making money online doesn't have to be difficult and if you want the steps to making it happen in a very easy formula.


This book is great. The strategies in it are real and they work. If you're feeling unsure about internet marketing, don't know where to start, or just can't make heads or tails of it all, this 33 Days to Online Profits will help.

Similarly, if you're ready to take your business to the next level and start making real money online then this will help too.

One final thought: 

Like everything else in life, you will need to put the steps into place for this to work. If you read the book and do nothing then nothing will happen.

But if you're completely ready to start succeeding online then get the book, read it, apply the steps and you're on your way.

Go the 33 Days to Online Profits Website Now






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