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Why SBI! Is Perfect For Moms

SBI! and Moms - The Perfect Partnership

There are many, many reasons why moms want to work from home.  When you think about it, work at home moms really have their cake and eat it too.  They get to be there during those precious formative years and they also have the opportunity to contribute financially to their family’s income. 

Unfortunately, working from home is not always an easy route for moms.  There are so many scams disguised as business opportunities that it’s not unusual to meet a mom who has invested in one or more of these schemes.  

I myself have been online for four years now and went through many ups and downs before getting to the point where my business provides a full-time income and even surpassed my husband’s income.  However, the “ride” was not easy but very enjoyable nonetheless.  

You see there are certain feelings that are part of the territory of being a work at home mom.  We suddenly develop skills we never knew we had, we persevere, we use our intuition and we learn so much about ourselves in the process… 

I’ve enjoyed that process and thank my lucky stars that I found SBI! early on in my work at home quest.  

SBI! gives moms all the tools they need to succeed in working from home.  I personally feel that it’s absolutely perfect for moms who want to work from home.  Here’s why…

SBI! gives you freedom and flexibility 

If you sell items on eBay, sew, cater, baby sit, etc. you probably make a little extra money to help out with the finances – and that’s great.  But any mom who provides a service knows that the inevitable will tend to happen at the very worst time… if the kids get sick everything stops until they’re better.  If there’s a school performance or special holiday coming up, everything stops too. 

This is where SBI! can help you.  SBI! allows you the opportunity to earn passive income.  If you’re not familiar with that term, it basically means that you earn money even while you’re not working… perfect for moms. 

You have the freedom and flexibility to work around your family.  If your kids get sick, no worries your website will still tick over.  If you need to attend the school performance, doctor appointment or chauffer your kids back and forth to activities your website will still beautifully tick over.

You’re in the driver’s seat and you can work when and where it suits you.  Some work at home moms work during nap times and/or in the evenings.  Other moms work while their children are at school and take the rest of the afternoon and evening off.  Others like to work early in the morning while the house is still sleeping…. 

We all have different needs as work at home moms and SBI! takes those needs into account.   

Now, it’s not all peachy when it comes to SBI! because building long-term passive income does inevitably mean that you will have to put in the time before you see the rewards.  That’s why the tortoise is SBI’s! mascot.  

Like the tortoise you’ll need to believe deep down in your heart that slow and steady wins the race.  That’s often difficult for moms to understand because everyone seems to want money right now.  This is why many moms choose to sell on eBay or provide a service and so on.  It means that they make a little money right away. 

That’s not the case with SBI!  It may take a few months until you see an income (it took me 6 weeks to make a steady 100 dollars a month).  But during those few months you’re building the foundations of a long-term and truly successful business.  

Think about it like this, if you keep trading your hours for dollars you may keep making a little money here and there but what foundations are you laying for your long-term security?  What if the kids get sick or you get sick?  What if you’re simply so tired with all the responsibilities of being a mom that you find it difficult to keep up with your work? 

With SBI! you steadily work on building the foundations that will eventually give you financial freedom, and you do so at your own pace.  You end up with a business that doesn’t need you there and present to make money.  Your website will make money while you’re on vacation, playing with the kids or cooking dinner… it’s true passive income at its best.


Side Note:  I recently wrote an in-depth SBI! review to give you a better feeling for it.  Also, there's a fantastic free ebook you can download which explains how moms can use SBI! to build a profitable home business - and also gives examples of moms who have already built successful SBI! sites - You can download the wahm guide here.


But there are other reasons why SBI! is perfect for work at home moms…

Recently I was reading a very long and emotional thread over at the SBI! forums and it was eye opening to read why many moms choose and love SBI! for working from home.  A recurrent theme in the thread was that it was about a lot more than simply providing an extra income for their family and being at home with the children.

Most moms felt that SBI! allowed them the opportunity to express their “other side”… SBI! gives moms the opportunity to feel they are doing something valuable because the truth is that many stay at home moms often feel they’re not doing enough. 

Of course, there’s no bigger job than being a full-time mom in my opinion (and no greater contribution to society for that matter) but us moms don’t always feel that way.  And being a stay at home mom is often a lonely place… not to mention it’s very easy to lose your identity as a woman.  

SBI! serves many purposes for moms – it’s their opportunity to express their creativity, freedom, knowledge and just plain old telling the world I’m a great mom but I am also my own woman and have other talents.    

Because as much as we love our children, it’s also great to feel independent and that we have some economic control in our lives.  

This is why SBI! is the perfect choice for moms who want to earn money from home.  You get to be there for your children and still use your creativity and mind… all while contributing to your family’s finances.  

So by now you can probably tell that I love SBI! J 

But as much as I love to talk about all the great things SBI! has to offer, I also want to cover some practical questions or points you may inevitably have… 

Here are a few of the most frequently asked mom questions: 

How can I build a website if I don’t have any technical experience? 

SBI! makes the process dead easy.  I built a website without being computer savvy (or internet savvy) at all.  If I can do it, so can you.  You’re given all the steps you need to succeed and use what is called a “block editor” to build your site.  It’s really no different than typing on document on your computer.  

And you have clear instructions in several formats (written, video, etc.) and can contact support at any time with any questions you may have.  This is one of the key factors that makes SBI! stand apart, getting started is simply the first step.  Once you’re part of the SBI! family you’ll have all the support you need to see you from beginning to end and thereafter! 

How will I make money?   

Most moms choose to build an information website.  When you have an informational website you make money by promoting products related to your website theme and topic and also by showing advertisement on your website.   

Your website is then on the net live 24 hours a day and people will visit from all over the world.  If your visitors buy a product through your website or click on an advertisement link you make money.  

And all of this is explained in detail when you get started with SBI! 

What should my website be about? 

Easy – something you’re knowledgeable and/or passionate about.  The reason for this is that it will make adding content to your website very easy.  Your voice and passion will also shine through your content. 

When you get started with SBI! you’ll learn how to research a niche to make sure that it’s going to be profitable.  But sharing something you love with other people is by far the easiest way to get started.  

My husband thinks SBI! is too much money. 

It’s true that finding the extra money to invest in SBI! can be daunting for many families.  It’s especially difficult when mom doesn’t have her own money in basically has to get hubby to agree to the purchase.   

My suggestion is not to force the situation.  Instead show your husband or partner all that SBI! has to offer.  Show him the success stories page and explain the philosophy behind SBI!  Above all let him know how passionate you are about doing something that will make you feel good while contributing to your family’s budget.  

The truth is that SBI! costs less than a dollar a day – that’s it.  Under a dollar a day to build a profitable long-term business, it’s really not a lot.  Look at your budget and see where you’re spending a dollar a day and cut out that expense for a few months.  After the first month or so you’ll be flying and your family will realize just what a small investment it is for everything that you’ll achieve in return.  

Can I try it before committing?  

SBI! stands completely behind their service and they want all their customers to be 100% happy and fulfilled.  For this reason, they offer a no qualms, no hassle money-back guarantee.  If for any reason at all you are not 100% tickled pink with your purchase at any time, you can contact SBI! and ask for a refund.  

Most people have no need for it, however, and are absolutely thrilled with SBI! but the guarantee is there anyways for peace of mind.  

How do I get started? 

Simply click here to sign up!  You’ll receive several support emails right away explaining the next steps in the process and you can always ask me questions on the forums here too.  As an avid SBI! user and business owner I pretty much know all the ins and outs of it and will be happy to answer your questions.   

Can I get more information? 

Sure.  If you’re not quite ready to get started just yet click on the video tour below.  This is the most complete tour of SBI! and should answer all the questions you have.  They even have a special section where you can write in and ask specific questions.  You’re also welcomed to private message me on my forums here or start a thread with your questions.   

Also, make sure you listen to my recent interview with Dr. Ken Evoy of SBI! You can download the transcript if you prefer to read. (see below).  And don't forget to read my  in depth review which covers all the pros and cons of using SBI!

Good luck and I look forward to welcoming you to the SBI! family J 

All my best,

Mila Sidman
Owner of Internet Based Moms

* Scroll down to learn more and watch the videos*

SBI! Latest News and Further Information:

Click below to hear my interview with Dr. Ken Evoy (founder of SBI!)

==> Mila Sidman interviews Ken Evoy of Site Sell and Michel Schill of Hair Style Magazine. 

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Rather Read? Click here to download a transcript (pdf document)

Dr. Ken Evoy of Site Build It!


Click on the video below for a tour of SBI!


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