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SBI Results and Success Stories

If you've already read my review of Site Build it you may be wondering about SBI results...

There are actually many, many success stories of happy SBI users which provide real inspiration and an inside-view into what can be accomplished with the right tools, motivation and a little good old-fashioned elbow grease (internet style).

You already know I'm a very satisfied SBI user with great results myself, but here are a few other stories to inspire you.

There are many more on the official Site Build it website if you'd like to read further.

Michelle le Schill - of Hairstyle

I first met Michelle when she joined Ken Evoy and I for an interview about the online success moms can achieve using SBI! (you can scroll down to listen or read the interview).

Michelle shared some interesting thoughts on success and what it took for her to build her site.  After Michelle had her children like most moms she found it difficult to go back to work.  Instead she started her own hair dressing business part time from home. 

This was okay for a Michelle and a means of earning money but it did mean a lot of hard work.  She would see clients in her home after her husband got back from his gruelling job - he would then look after the children while Michelle cut and styled hair well into the night.  With a young family to raise, this was just too much.

Then Michelle stumbled upon SBI! and never looked back.  Only 4 years later and she now owns 5 SBI! sites and her site has been featured in several high profile magazines - which have printed Michelle's articles!

But the best part of all this for Michelle is that her husband was able to quit his job and the family has now realized their dream of living by the sea side.  They now have the freedom to live life on their terms and don't have to stress about money or work any longer.

Michelle is a true success story and I urge you to read the in-depth detail of her journey with SBI!  In her own words - Click to Read Michelle's Success Story

Also, here's the interview featuring Dr. Ken Evoy, Michelle Schill and myself - enjoy!

==> Mila Sidman interviews Ken Evoy of Site Sell and Michel Schill of Hair Style Magazine. 

Click Button to Play:

MP3 File

Rather Read? Click here to download a transcript (pdf document)

Dr. Ken Evoy of Site Build It!

Elad - The Birthday Dad -

One of my favorite success stories is that of Elad from    

Elad is a dad to three little girls and built his first SBI! site back in 2003.  Like many Elad was desperate to escape the confines of his office cubicle and do something that gave him more freedom and fulfilment.   

When he first purchased SBI! it was a real leap of faith as money was tight and it actually took Elad a whole 2 years before he made that leap of faith!  When he finally did, Elad was determined to make things work.   

Even though he had no previous HTML or technical computer experience – and frankly it’s just not necessary with SBI! because all the technical work is done in the background… you simply worry about adding content.  As Elad says - “Today with the internet anybody can build a website.”   

Within 6 months Elad’s site was brining in a steady stream of traffic and a very profitable income.  Elad then went on to quit his job and now spends his days working on his websites (he now has five) and spending time with his family.   

He’s also able to indulge in his passion for theatre and acting… a life long dream of his.  All of this would not have been possible had it not been for SBI!   

I think for me this story is very inspiring because Elad is an average everyday dad.  His passion for what he does shines through his website and he’s created one of the best information sites on throwing cool birthday parties… I myself have taken a few ideas from him and thrown some awesome parties! 

Elad makes his money by simply providing information about parties.  He’s a true infopreneur.  This means he doesn’t ship products or provide a service.  He simply adds content to his websites when and where he wants (being an infopreneur gives you a great deal of flexibility) and the search engines and human visitors alike love his site and can’t seem to get enough of his great content.  

In 2008, 5 years after he shakily purchased his first SBI! site, Elad is doing better than ever.  He has truly achieved all his dreams and thanks SBI!  

To read more about Elad and other SBI! Success Stories click here

Luisa Cupeles -

Luisa's story is very inspiring.  A few years ago she built a website all about a small undiscovered Caribbean island.   Since then her business has grown in leaps and bounds and she earns more than she did in her previous full-time job... and she now only works 3 hours per day!

In her pre-mom life Luisa was a psychologist but, like many moms, was determined to stay at home once her son was born.  Like many of us, she fell for several work at home scams and then she discovered SiteBuildIt! 

Combining her passion of travel with the power of SBI! has led to Luisa creating a business that's both fun and profitable.  Her website now outranks many big travel websites including Priceline, Expedia and Trip Advisor for popular keywords and traffic!

Best of all Luisa has the freedom to live life in a way she never imagined.  And has plans for an early retirement for her husband all thanks to SBI! and of course her hard work too... although when you build a site around your passion it really doesn't feel like work at all.

Unfortunately, Luisa's story took a sad turn earlier this year when both of her parents passed away.  In her SBI! update Luisa writes that during her mother's battle with breast cancer she was there by her side to help care for her without having to worry about finances or going to work - SBI! made this possible.

It's times like these that you realize how important financial freedom is and Luisa is now able to take additional time off from her business to deal with the grieving process.

Sad times will inevitably happen to all of us at one point or other but the ability to be able to cope with these difficult moments without the added stress of financial pressure is priceless. 

Wishing you much success,

Mila Sidman
Owner of Internet Based Moms

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