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Work at Home Main - SBI Main - SBI Review

SBI Review - Site Build it Why it Works

As you probably know I'm the proud owner of many SBI websites - in fact, it's how I first got started online back in 2004.

I often get asked a lot of questions about Site Build it and how it works, why it works, etc. and so I put together a detailed sbi review from my own experience using it to help you make an informed decision.

Firstly, lets be honest... There are many, many ways to build a website now even if you have zero technical experience.  There are website builders popping up all over the place.  And you can register a domain for as little as a few dollars in some cases.  I could be promoting a hundred other programs so when I endorse SBI I do so because I absolutely believe in it 100%.

You could easily use another program to build your website but there is a fundamental problem with that option - you get the tools but not the training or experience you desperately need when starting out.  It’s easy to put up a webpage but much harder to put up a page that actually brings visitors to your website and makes you money.

Key Point:  If people can’t find your website you don’t have a business.  

The reason I endorse SBI is because I know it works.   

Site Build It! is more than a site builder, it’s a complete business education along with all the tools you need to succeed. 

Follow the proven steps and you'll succeed - it doesn't get any easier than that does it?

Here’s what you get when you use SBI! to build your business… 

Full training - including videos, written instruction, community forums.  You also get a choice between doing it yourself and taking an online class with other new business owners which will give you personal step by step guidance.   

What if you have zero technical experience and do not believe you can build a website at all?

When I first started out online my first website was built using Site Build It!  I am a very non technical person. All I could really do online was send emails and search for stuff I wanted - that was the extent of my "technical" experience.

Yet using the do it yourself instructions – at that time it was just written, I don’t believe they had the videos and certainly not the e-learning, etc. I was able to build a profitable website.  

Within just 4 weeks of starting my website was seeing about 60 visitors a day and within I believe it was 2 months I was up to about 300 to 400 visitors a day. Then it just continued to grow from there along with my income.

My second website was getting about 80 unique visitors within 6 weeks and quickly went up from there.  Other sites show similar results.  

The bottom line is I fully recommend SBI! because I’ve seen it work for me and for countless others over and over again.  No where else can you get a complete business education and the tools you need for as little as 1 dollar per day?

Let me make myself clear though, SBI is not a magic bullet, get rich quick scheme or any other type of "internet business secret" (there is no such thing by the way). You still need to put in the time and effort to build your business.

The difference is that by focusing, following the instructions and actually doing the work you can build a sustainable, long term business that works for you (ie. makes you money) over and over again.

But don’t take my word for it.  Look through the SBI success stories, customer videos, and results – before you make up your mind – because after all it’s results that count, and SBI! certainly delivers where that is concerned.  

I take my responsibility to you very seriously.  I know what it feels like to spend money on a business and get no where.  I know what it feels like to chase that illusive pot of gold without success.  And I certainly know what it feels like to fail.   

If I can avoid you that time, frustration, and financial stress – then I will.  

That’s the main reason I recommend SBI! Even when there are other programs I can recommend and easily make more money with.  But it’s not all about money – business success is about integrity and providing value as well.  I’ve often given up money to cover those two fundamental values and I have been rewarded in many other ways… plus I like to do the right thing J 

So with that in mind, I recommend you start using SBI! today because I know you won’t regret the choice.  

But take a little time to look through their main website and learn more.  You’ll find them at Site Build It Online.

If you do feel that SBI! is not right for you there are some other options but may I suggest that you read this free guide written by Dr. Ken Evoy of Site Build It!  Even if you don’t use SBI! the free information in this guide will give you a valuable start – no matter how you choose to build your website.

.All my best,

Mila Sidman
Owner of Internet Based Moms

Still need more info?  Visit our Getting Started section for further reading on building your first website.

SBI! Latest News and Further Information:

You can click below to listen to my recent internet with Dr. Ken Evoy of SBI! If you prefer to read you can also download the transcript.

==> Mila Sidman interviews Ken Evoy of Site Sell and Michel Schill of Hair Style Magazine. 

Click Button to Play:

MP3 File

Rather Read? Click here to download a transcript (pdf document)

Dr. Ken Evoy of Site Build It!

Free Ebook:

Click here to download the FREE SBI! Work at Home Mom Guide




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