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Work at Home Main - SBI Main - Website Building Options

Website Building Options

If you've arrived on this page via my website tips page, then you'll already know that the one program I recommend for building a thriving online business is SBI - click here to read my in depth review.

However, I do understand that SBI is just not for everyone. With that in mind, I've added more information about other methods and platforms you can use to build your online business.


One way to build an online business is by having a blog rather than a website.  I personally, don’t do this as I have found that search engines much prefer a well-structured website than a blog - especially for a tight niche (I have tested this extensively).  

Another reason I'm not too fond of using a blog as a business model is that blogs are often difficult to structure – not just for the search engines but for your actual human visitors as well.  Many times I’ve tried to look up specific content on blogs with little luck.

I prefer to use a navigation structure which helps my visitors quickly and easily find the information they need.  Another down point to using a blog is that it can be very stressful to blog on a regular basis.  I personally prefer to add content to my sites when I want without feeling the pressure of having to blog.

To get more insight into this issue, I suggest you read this article - Blog or Website? - that explains how the search engines feel about blogs versus websites in full detail.

I do think blogs can suit people who are naturally very chatty and have a lot to say on a certain topic.  Even then, I prefer to use blogs as an “extra” on my website or for personal use rather than a main business.  But there are others who disagree and find blogs quite handy.  

One of the plus sides of having a blog is that it’s easy to just log in, type your message and be done with it.  They are quite easy to manage and operate.  And if you have a professional set up the blog for you, then you can be ready to go right away and all you’ll need to learn is how to log in and blog. 

Mind you SBI! also has a "mini-blog" automatically set up on each website.  This means that as you add content all the blog networks are automatically pinged and your content is distributed amongst them - basically it's the best of both worlds - the positive functions of a blog already built into your website.  

For me blogs just aren't the best choice for building an online business.  If you do decide to go with a blog you can contact Kelly at Fresh Nets and tell her Mila sent you, she’ll help you with a design and get your blog all set up and installed for you.

Front Page

Another option for building your site is using software such as Front Page.  It’s a good piece of software but it will take time to learn.  If you do decide to go with this and do it yourself then I recommend that you read this free guide written by Dr. Ken Evoy of Site Build It!  Even if you don’t use SBI! the free information in this guide will give you a valuable start – no matter how you choose to build your website.

Download Make Your Words Sell - Free.

Also, with Front Page it is possible to have a webdesigner design a template for you and upload it to the web.  Then you simply use that template to add other pages.  On the occasion I have used Front Page, this is exactly what I have done.  Even that, has been a learning curve though and since I’m not very technical I have struggled a little here and there.  But it will save you time as you won’t have to learn how to design a site from scratch.  

You can also pay a website designer to build and maintain your site for you.  This is my least favorite choice.  Because it means you have little control over your business.  Not to mention, it will be costly.  Each and every time you need to make a change to your website you’ll have to rely on a webdesigner to make that change and of course it will cost you money and time.  

If you do go with a webdesigner, make sure you budget up front for all the upkeep of the website.  I believe Kelly at can also help you with this or at least give you some other good recommendations if she is fully booked.  

Domain Names: 

If you decide to use SBI! for building your website you can register your domain name through them once you purchase the site.  SBI! gives you clear instructions on first researching and choosing your niche market before registering the domain.  The domain should be the last step you make, the one right before you start building your site.   

It may be that you register a domain name but then get further into your research and decide it’s not going to be profitable and you’ll have to register a different domain.

If you decide to go with a blog or Front Page, I still recommend you do your research first and register the domain last.  To register your domain (if not using SBI!) you can use or you can use my domain reseller program at Internet Based Moms Hosting

 ** remember you don’t need to register your domain directly if using SBI!  **  

Also, if you don’t go with SBI! you’ll need to pay for hosting separately.  I have used with good results and you can also find some options at Mom Webs or Internet Based Moms hosting.

And if at this point you’re feeling worried or nervous about building your own website, I assure you – you CAN do it.  I did it and as I have said am not very technical at all. 

It’s true that using Front Page will require a little more time, but if you go with SBI! it’s as easy as using a word processor program.  The site platform does all the technical work for you behind the scenes.  If you go with a blog you can pay to have it all set up to your domain name and then it’s also very simply to log in and add posts.

So you have a few options that are very user friendly.  Certainly there is nothing you couldn’t quickly learn and apply so please don’t worry.  Having said that, all of this will be a learning curve – so you may want to do yourself a favour and go with SBI! they take care of most of the hard work for you – you simply provide the “BAM” – brains and motivation J 

SBI! is my first choice and has helped me succeed greatly online - I know it will do the same for you.

 All my best,

Mila Sidman
Owner of Internet Based Moms

Still need more info?  Visit our Getting Started section for further reading on building your first website.

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