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Search Engine Information Center

Building your website and getting a steady stream of search engine traffic go hand in hand. If you're just getting started building your website, the tips and articles should be read prior to choosing the right web designer or building your own website. Being armed with the knowledge to build a website your visitors and search engines will love goes along way to ensuring the success of your online venture.

===> SEO & Traffic Tutorial -  The Articles in the Series:

Getting Started Guide

Choosing the Right Keywords

How to Add Your Keywords

Website Tags & SEO

Link Building Tips

Audio SEO TutorialSEO Column | Search Engine & Website Tools 
Search Engine Articles
| Forums

Featured Search Engine Stuff

Sharon & Roy Montero, SEO Consultants

Advice Column: Search Engine Optimization Specialists

Sharon & Roy Montero answer the tough questions in their monthly SEO Advice Column. Be prepared to be learn and gather the knowledge you need to deliver a steady stream of targeted traffic to your website.


> Search Engine Articles & Tools

The best way to get targeted traffic to your website is, hands down, through search engines. When a search engine user types in a query for something, he might just be looking for what you have to offer. Whether you are going to optimize your website for "organic" (free) rankings or embark on a pay-per-click (PPC) campaign, having an understanding of how search engines work is critical.

> Internet Search Engines: A basic introduction to understanding what a search engine is and what it does. If you're new to Internet it...this information can save you a lot of time and possibly a lot of money.

> What is a Search Engine?
> Should you submit your website to search engines?
> Should you pay a search engine submission company?
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – An Overview

> FREE Search Engine Optimization Tools: Here's a bunch of great free tools designed to make optimizing and developing your website easier. These tools include:

> Free Link Popularity Checker
> Robots.txt Generator
> Keyword Density Analyzer
> Search Engine Simulator

> Link Popularity & Link Reputation: There's no need to go crazy exchanging links with any willing website. It's all about the quality. Who links to you and what those links say are extremely important.

> Google Page Rank: The Truths of Page Rank and Linking       
>What is a Link Farm & Why You Should Avoid Them
> Buying Google Page Rank: Is it a Good Idea?
> Increase Link Popularity : Planning a Link Building Strategy
> Google Toolbar : PageRank, Linking Strategies & More

> Search Engine Marketing Strategy - Give People a Reason to Link to Your Website

> The Importance of Keywords: The basis of all search engine rankings is keywords. Search engine users enter keyword phrases into a search engine to find the information they need. Do you know which keywords people are entering and how to choose the most appropriate ones for your website?

> Choosing Keywords with Google Sandbox & Overture Search Term Suggestion Tool
> Choosing Keywords Using WordTracker
> Keyword Research & Analysis: Targeting Visitors Based on Your Most Wanted Response
> What is Keyword Density?

> Optimizing Your Website for Search Engines: Don't use tricks are questionable methods. Just be descriptive in everything you do...and you'll do fine. Read the articles below to find out if you are being descriptive:

> New Perfect Optimizing - You may already know how to do your keyword research and find the right phrases to target for your site, but did you know that too much of a good thing can actually do more harm than good?
> New Local Optimizing - If you sell a service or product online you may not want to ignore the potential customers right in your own backyard.
>The 8 Things You Must Do To Optimize Your Site For Search Engines
> Economical Search Engine Optimization Strategy : Do it Yourself!
> How Google Ranks Your Web Page
> Listen to WAHM Talk Radio's SEO Audio Tutorial with Alice Seba. No technical stuff...just basic tips to get your site ship-shape for search engines.

> SEO Marketing - Don't Forget the Basics

> Search Engine Marketing Tip - How to Make Your Website People and Robot Friendly: If you want a search engine optimization tip that will help your website increase in traffic, then you have to make sure it's made for people and search engine robots.

> Internet Ethics - SEO Practices That Work are Ethical Too: It's important to maintain Internet ethics while building your websites.

> Search Engine Optimization Marketing - How to Play the Game: Search engine optimization marketing takes time and research but is well worth the effort in the end.

> SEO and Search Engine Marketing - There is a Difference: One may think SEO and search engine marketing are the same thing but they are different. It's important to know and understand the difference so you can excel in both areas.

> Search Engine Internet Marketing Strategy - Help for You to Stay on Top of the Rankings: Having a search engine Internet marketing strategy is imperative if you want a successful online business.

> Pay per Click Information: Find out what pay per clicks are, which ones you should use and why; and how not lose a fortune using them!

> What is a Pay per Click Search Engine?
> Who Has the Best Pay per Click?
> Pay per Click Tips
Pay per Click Comparison : Google AdWords vs. Overture

> Your Pay per Click Campaign - The Importance of Tracking

More Google Adwords Information:

> Google Adwords Tips: Google adwords is preferred by most of the online advertisers keeping in mind the number of benefits and advantages it has to offer to the advertisers in the long run.
> Are Google Adwords Worth the Cost?:  The answer is as simple as the question. The more you are ready to bear, the better results you would be ready to reap from Google Adwords.
> Google Adwords Guidelines: This may be because the manner in which you have entered the adwords is incorrect. The adwords need to display a URL in the ad to give the users better idea.
> Creating Productive Google Ads: ‘My client center’ is a powerful tool provided by Google and is an effective means of handling personal accounts.

> Other Search Site-Related Tidbits: Traffic ranking sites and directories can provide us with valuable information and even help with search engine rankings, in some cases.

> How to Get Your Website Listed in the Yahoo Directory
> DMOZ Index : How to Get Listed
> Alexa Toolbar : Using it Wisely in Assessing Traffic Ranking
> About Is this Traffic Ranking Website Bogus?
> Traffic Equalizer - Banned from Google?
> Is free website traffic really what you want?
> Generate Revenue from Your Free Website with Google Adsense

> How to's and Techie Stuff: Need to know how to a search engine friendly redirect? Or just want to be able to open a link in a new window? Browse our growing reference library.

> Meta-Refresh is Not Search Engine Friendly
> How to Do a 301 Redirect
> How to Do a 301 Redirect on a Windows Server
> Create Robots txt
> ALT Tag
> Using a No Frames Tag
> Using Meta Tags



Audio SEO TutorialSEO Column | Search Engine & Website Tools 
Search Engine Articles
| Forums


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