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- Questions & Answers with Sharon and Roy Montero -
Learn SEO Promotion and Optimization The Write Way
The Monthly Search Engine Optimization Q&A Column

Things Your Mom May Not Have Taught You About SEO

Once a month Contributing Authors Sharon and Roy Montero answer a Search Engine Optimization question submitted by one of our newsletter subscribers. This month's column answers the question,

Keyword Research & Analysis - What Are Your Top 10 Money Words?
All About Keyword Discovery - Part 2

August 2004

In our last article we started a series on keyword research. Below is the link to read part 1 of this series of articles if you missed it or if you simply would like to refresh your memory.

Click Here For Part 1

For those who missed our last article, we'd like to remind you that it is not too late to eMail us your keyword list, so please feel free to do so if you are so inclined. Also, because everyone may not have had the opportunity to read part 1, we are going to postpone starting the keyword club for another month or so until most of you are more prepared to join.

In this article we'd like to address the list of keywords sent to us by Tammy Smith ...

Tammy Smith
On Call Virtual Assistant

We Handle The Stress, You Do the Rest!

Tammy's Initial List of Keywords

virtual (706)

virtual assistant (587)

administrative (78)

clerical (106)

support (394)

assisting (0)

virtual office assistant (34)

virtual secretary (13)

administrative assistant (360)

data entry (385)

word processing (239)

transcription (362)

desktop publishing (738)

secretarial service (20)

outsourcing (1868)

personal assistant (363)

business services (89)

accounting (1953)

website maintenance (45)

real estate virtual assistant (9)

real estate administrative assistant (0)


The number we've added to Tammy's list (above) is the daily search frequency for the keywords she has selected.

The daily search frequency is the estimated number of times a keyword phrase is searched for across all the search engines Web-wide. The numbers are courtesy of Wordtracker.

Wordtracker is the industry standard for keyword research. It's a fee-based service, but they have a free trial service available and these numbers are courtesy of the free trial.

The numbers you see listed below are also taken from the free trial service at Wordtracker.

Now, to make this series of articles as informative and productive as possible, we'd like to involve your input and your feedback, so please help us to help your fellow subscriber Tammy, by eMailing us your opinions as to which keywords she should optimize her pages for.

We would like to make this as interesting and as productive as possible, so we'd love to have you send us 3 lists of your top 3 selections. Keep in mind that the singular and plural forms are considered to be DIFFERENT keywords, so if you want to add both the singular and plural forms, please do so.

To help to encourage your participation, we'll make this as easy as possible for you, so just copy and paste the following template into your eMail client and add your choices. Please don't include the 2 most obvious choices ... virtual assistant and virtual assistants.

Please list your top 3 selections of the keywords Tammy selected.




Please list your top 3 selections of the keywords we selected.




Please list your top 3 selections. (You can use any of the keywords listed above, other than the 2 most obvious choices we've already mentioned, or you may choose any keyword or keyword phrase that you feel would be a good fit for Tammy's business in order to attract potential clients for her. If you would like to include your reasons for your selections please do so, but your reasons are not necessary as we are more interested in receiving just your list of top 3 keywords for Tammy to optimize her pages for.)




We'll compile your choices and post the results in our next article, so please send your lists to us by clicking this link and put ...

[ IBMoms Keyword Research For Tammy ]

... In the subject line, thank you!

Sharon and Roy's Initial List of Keywords

Potential Keyword Phrases to Optimize for that are Related to Tammy's List of Keywords Courtesy of Wordtracker

The following keyword phrases and their daily search frequency numbers are ones that we have selected to help Tammy to come up with a larger list of keywords for her to choose from.

administrative assistant resume 81 78

clerical assistant 23
clerical work from home 23
clerical resume 15

temp 250
account temps 119
net temps 85
temp jobs 84
temp services 59

temporary services 84
temporary job services 13
professional temporary services 7
temporary help 6

administrative assistant resume 78
administrative assistant job description 67
administrative assistants 58
administrative assistant resumes 44
administrative office services 35

data entry 385
data entry projects 206
data entry from home 134
data entry jobs 107
work at home data entry 103
data entry project 71
data entry services 66
data entry service 52
at home data entry 46
data entry work from home 38
data entry at home 37
work from home data entry 37
data entry work at home 35

transcription services 130

desktop publisher 79
desktop publishers 43

secretarial services 104
secretarial services georgia 11
american secretarial services 6
charlotte secretarial services 6
secretarial services daytona beach 6
online secretarial services 6

real estate assistant 21
real estate professional assistant 11
real estate virtual assistants 8
real estate assistant specialist 4

personal assistants 127
personal digital assistant 73
personal digital assistants 50
personal data assistant 29
personal data assistants 25

outsourcing white collar jobs 171
it outsourcing 154
job outsourcing 133
outsourcing jobs 131
outsourcing services 82
global outsourcing 60
outsourcing services 82
outsourcing provider service 34

virtual assistant secretary 4

secretary 1928
secretaries 405

virtual office services 25
virtual assistants resume 22
virtual personal assistant 17
michigan virtual assistants 17
office services 17
virtual office solutions 13
virtual office management 12
virtual office professional 13
virtual realtor support 5
office support services virtual 5
virtual office support services 3
virtual administrative support 2
personal assistant for hire 2
virtual assistants for hire 2

virtual assistance 47
real estate virtual assistance 11
virtual assistance indiana 6

small business consulting services 55
business consulting services 46
small business professional services accounting 36
professional business services 29

small business assistance 30
business assistance 15
home business assistance 13

The chart below shows the current ranking on Google (#497) for Tammy's homepage for the keyword phrase ...

virtual assistant

... Along with a few other ranking factors. The current top 10 pages for this term are also included in this chart so that you can analyze and compare the numbers.

Your Site: in Google Pages Links PageRank *A* Links

70 21
Top 10 for Keyword Search in Google

6 3540

17 542

2 143000
4. www.allianceofuk


1 16100

3 229000

14 1510

8 309


57 8180
Source: McDar Keyword Analysis Tool

The chart below shows the link popularity for Tammy's homepage on the various search engines.
Google AllTheWeb AltaVista HotBot MSN Yahoo Total
3 17 17 12 12 16 77

More to come in next month's column, so be sure to stay tuned.

::: IN SUMMARY :::

This article shows that it is essential to write down all (or as many as you can come up with) of your keywords. Doing so will allow you to come up with a list of your most productive keywords as far as the amount of times they are searched for each day.

But keep in mind that just because one keyword phrase receives more daily searches than another doesn't always mean that the former is going to produce more visitors for YOU, nor does it mean that it is going to produce more revenue for YOU.

In fact, you will find in most cases that you should START your optimization process for keywords that receive less daily searches than the most common or obvious keyword phrases for your business.

The reason is twofold. First, these terms are easier to obtain top 10 rankings for and second, because in most cases they convert into sales better due to the fact that when people use these terms to search, they are ready to buy.

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2004 This article was written exclusively for Internet Based Moms™ and may not be
re-published or copied without permission from Internet Based Moms™, except to print one copy for personal use. Any questions regarding use of this article should be directed to Linda.. Comments and general questions about the article's content can be directed to the authors.

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