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Search Engine Information > SEO Specialists Column > Keyword Discovery

- Questions & Answers with Sharon and Roy Montero -
Learn SEO Promotion and Optimization The Write Way
The Monthly Search Engine Optimization Q&A Column

Things Your Mom May Not Have Taught You About SEO

Once a month Contributing Authors Sharon and Roy Montero answer a Search Engine Optimization question submitted by one of our newsletter subscribers. This month's column answers the question,

Keyword Research & Analysis - What Are Your Top 10 Money Words?

All About Keyword Discovery - Part 1

July 2004


Alice (Seba) asked us if we'd write about "keyword research" and how to choose the right keywords for SEO? Sort of a "dummies" crash course ... The basics to get someone who is new to SEO started on their keyword research.

So this month we'll start a series of articles that will focus on how to perform keyword research from the ground up.

We'll also unveil a new venture of ours, a "keyword club," which is a free private email forum. Subscriptions will not be open to the general public and will be by invitation only. The keyword club will help you to discover your most profitable keyword phrases. More about this later.


We all know that the key to SEO/SEM success is in-depth keyword research, right?

In case you missed reading last month's column where we define SEO and SEM you can click the link below to read it now.

What is SEO and SEM and is There a Difference?

Even though there are literally thousands of articles about keyword research, it still remains the most difficult aspect about SEO/SEM and that is why this series of articles will help you to understand how to research, analyze and discover YOUR most profitable keywords as well as discovering the easiest keyword phrases to optimize your pages for.

Let's start with a simple illustration showing the keyword search frequency of a few keywords. Let's say that you want to start an online toy store or that you are a consultant for Discovery Toys.

Here's a quick look at some Wordtracker numbers for some keywords you will be researching and analyzing. (The number on the right is the predicted number of daily searches you can expect for the keyword or keyword phrase Web-wide.)
Results 1 - 10 of about 726,000

discovery toys 668 643
Results 1 - 10 of about 10,100,000

buy toys 11 11
Results 1 - 10 of about 48,400,000

toys 5909 5685
Results 1 - 10 of about 17,200,000

toy 919 884

PLEASE NOTE: In upcoming articles we will further explore and define just what is meant by the term "keyword search frequency" and we'll teach you how to use tools like Wordtracker, but for now we'll just show you the simple Wordtracker chart.

• While the keyword "toys" is frequently searched for ...

... You may not want to optimize your page for this particular keyword because chances are that you will probably have a difficult time competing with the likes of,,,,,,,,, and for a top 10 ranking, but that doesn't mean that you won't be able to acquire high rankings for other keyword terms that these companies aren't competing for.

You'll just have to do some real intense and in-depth research to discover them.

This is what we refer to as "the road least traveled" when it comes to SEO/SEM in general and keyword research in particular.

Now, the fact that this is the road least traveled is not a bad thing, oh no, in fact it is a very good thing and filled with great rewards for those who not only travel on this road but who also stop to examine it in great detail.

And that is precisely what we will show you how to do in the coming months, both with our articles and our keyword club.

For now, we invite you to look a bit deeper at some related and more specific keyword phrases for the general term "toys" at Yahoo, AltaVista, AlltheWeb, Teoma, WiseNut, and Google.

Notice that each of these search engines will provide you with additional search suggestions found either on the left or on the right sides of the page.

While not every one of the suggestions made will ultimately lead to YOUR money words, some may. The money words will become evident to you in the later stages of our keyword research process, but initially your goal is to collect as many keyword phrases as possible and to place them in a list, preferably in a spreadsheet, but just a simple list that you can save as a text file will do.

Another good place to look for additional search suggestions is in the meta keywords element of the top pages for the term "toys" and its related queries. In fact, the following is what you will find listed in the meta keywords element for the homepage of ...

The Meta Keywords Element For

<META NAME="KEYWORDS" CONTENT="Toys, Christmas Toys, Birthday Toys, Buy Toys, Online Toys, Kids Toys, Games, Hot Toys">

::: How To View The Source Code :::

To view the source code of a Web page just click "View" from the toolbar (located at the top of your browser) and then click "Source" (for MSIE) or "Page Source" (for Netscape).

For those of you interested in following along with us in this series of articles and/or interested in joining us and your peers in our new and upcoming keyword club, we'd advise you to create a list of at least 200 keyword phrases that are related to your primary keyword or primary keyword phrase and to have your list ready by the end of the month so that you can move on to the next phase.

Just use the resources we've just mentioned and you shouldn't have any problem coming up with a list of 200 keyword phrases. For those who are really challenged to go for it ... We'd advise you to come up with a list of 500 or more.

Then to make this series as interactive as possible, we'd love to use keywords that any of you would like to send us to possibly use as examples.

These examples would be used in this series of articles and/or for the keyword club and if we use your keywords we'll also include your name and Website URL.

Keep in mind that if you would like to learn how to do in-depth keyword research, keyword analysis and keyword discovery by subscribing to our upcoming keyword club, that you will need to be interactive. This simply means that you are willing to FIRST help your peers by providing the club with some keyword research for a certain business or industry. Upon completion of your keyword research, it will now be your turn to be provided with the results for the keyword research done by your peers in your business or industry.

Please send us your top 10 or 20 keyword phrases and include your full name and Website URL if you would like to be one of the first to be invited into the keyword club.

Please email your information to us by clicking this link and put ...

[ IBMoms Keyword Research ]

... In the subject line, thank you!

More to come in next month's column, so be sure to stay tuned.

::: IN SUMMARY :::

This month we start a multipart article that will help you to understand just how important it is to spend a lot of time discovering your most profitable keyword phrases to use. Since keyword research, keyword analysis and keyword discovery are the FOUNDATION of your first (or next or ANY) SEO/SEM campaign, it makes sense to use your most profitable keywords right from the beginning.

If you don't INVEST the necessary amount of time needed to discover those keyword phrases that we refer to as your money words you'll soon be asking a question like this one.

This is Typical of a Frequently Asked Question About Keyword Research

I have no idea what keywords to use. I have done the entire research thing such as what keywords people are searching for versus how many sites those words are competing with. I chose them carefully and I optimized the pages as well as I could without being too spammy.

I'm still not even ranking for those keywords I selected. Do I need to get spammy or do I need to choose new keywords?

I looked into hiring someone to help me optimize my site but so far they all want about $1000 and all I need is someone to just point me in the proper direction and then I can take it from there. And I sure don't need to pay that much for something I can do myself if I just knew where to start.

In next month's article we will also let you know how you can invest your time and energy into a new venture that we are starting and how you can subscribe and participate in our keyword club, a "by invitation only" email forum where you and your peers can perform actual case studies to discover YOUR money words.

Alice Seba's newsletter subscribers (that's you, by the way) are going to be the first ones to receive an invitation to the keyword club. Shortly thereafter other popular publications' subscribers will be receiving their invitations to join, so be sure to read next month's newsletter early so that you can be one of the first to subscribe.

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2004 This article was written exclusively for Internet Based Moms™ and may not be
re-published or copied without permission from Internet Based Moms™, except to print one copy for personal use. Any questions regarding use of this article should be directed to
Linda. Comments and general questions about the article's content can be directed to the authors.


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