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 WAHM Wellness & Organization Center > Parenting and Family > Working from Laptop

Working From the Park or Playground with Your Laptop

Now there is an ingenious way for those of you who have been tied to your home desktop computer to be able to get out of the house and work virtually anywhere.

Working from the park or playground with your laptop has given work-at-home moms the opportunity not only to spend time with the kids outdoors, but to fully take advantage of this new age of wireless technology.

Imagine a beautiful spring day and the kids are becoming a bit antsy because they want to go out and play. At the same time, you are trying get some work done but nature seems to be calling to you to come outside and smell the roses. With a wireless laptop, you can achieve both. Perhaps you call a friend and her kids to come along with you. In this way, you can work on your project while the friend watches the kids.

Conversely, you may have to work on a Saturday to meet a specific deadline. While your spouse watches the kids, you steal away to the park; find a shady tree you can sit under; and with nothing but the quiet sounds of nature, you can complete the task at hand.

If you choose a playground to take the kids to, you can sit at one of the many benches with tables and work as well. With so many parents at the playground, some of whom you may know, keeping an eye on your kids may offer you a little more time to concentrate on your task.

In either case, whether you are alone or with your kids, once the work is completed you can enjoy the spring weather; have a picnic lunch at the park or engage in playground activities with the kids.

The ability to take work with you to either the park or playground not only gets you out of the house and away from the computer desktop, but allows you to spend quality time with the kids as well. In fact, it also gives you time to exercise and have some fun at the same time.



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